Thursday, August 3, 2017

Aidonia, the philanthropic Headliner

One Voice Foundation founder Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence stands along side Maxfield Park Primary’s principal,
 Mrs. Beverly Gallimore and the 2017 recipients of the One Voice Educational Foundation scholarships, certificates and book grants which he presented at the school on Wednesday, July 5

Aidonia recently shared more than advice with a few students of the Maxfield Park Primary where he addressed the fifth and sixth grade classes to motivate the youngsters, and to formally hand out certificates, scholarships and book grants to this year’s One Voice Educational Foundation grantees.

Through the One Voice Educational Foundation, Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence has been formally giving back to the Maxfield community since 2015. Each academic year a ‘top boy’ and ‘top girl’ are selected by the school from grade six and the One Voice Educational Foundation grants the students full scholarships for the five year duration of high school. Academic achievers from grades five and six are also selected to receive book grants and gift certificates to assist the students in purchasing school appliances.

Students are awarded based on academic performances, and exceptional behavioral displays throughout the school year.

One Voice Educational Foundation Scholarship recipient Shamar Baker
stands proudly with her certificate for top achiever, between her school’s principal Mrs. Beverly Gallimore,
and One Voice Foundation founder Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence.
On Wednesday July 5, Aidonia visited 
Maxfield Park Primary school
where he awarded top achievers with full 5-year scholarships, book grants and certificates.

Maxfield Park Primary’s top achiever, and a 2017 recipient of the One Voice Educational Foundation scholarship Shamar Baker was excited to meet the Dancehall Heavyweight but felt even more proud to be receiving her first scholarship. “We have to work hard and our teachers put in a lot of work too, I am so happy to get the help, and from Aidonia too”, the scholar shared in joy. Shamar is one of five awardees receiving aid through the One Voice Educational Foundation.
As a Dancehall heavyweight, Aidonia is setting the summer season ablaze with his latest hit Yeah Yeah. The catchy summer song has been getting rave reviews since its release, with increasing rotation on the airwaves and even a stronger presence at summer party events.  
Yeah Yeah has been setting the tone for the summer and has easily been the biggest track for the sizzling period. Aidonia recently appeared at BRT Weekend, July 7, in Atlantic City, New Jersey where the track hit among a vastly US based audience, showing it is not only a local hit.
The track has also been in the news following a video of his remix of DJ Khaled and Rihanna featuring Bryson Tiller’s Wild Thoughts, Real Yaad Man Style, being played on New York’s Hot 97 Radio was posted. The video was posted by renowned Hot 97 DJ Bobby Konders who was recording his live radio set.

Aidonia is currently having one of his most consistent runs in the industry, with back to back hits to show for it. The lyrical powerhouse has been dominant with tracks including Dat a Di Ting, Nuh Boring Gal, Hey Yo, Banga and IG Girls to name a few. He recently released his latest music video to accompany the track Krayzay on Tuesday, July 18 which has already garnered over 10,000 views on YouTube.
Having made presentations to the scholars on Wednesday, July 5, at a special ceremony held on the school grounds, for the recipients, Aidonia opted to share a message with the entire fifth and 6th grade population.

“When I was your age I knew the importance of staying focused. I believed in myself from my primary years and used education to help me. What you learn in school at every stage is what builds a good foundation, along with other things. Like focusing on your future and to never feel less than because of where you are from. What makes you different is how strong your foundation is. That is why One Voice is trying to help you youth become the best.”

The Deejay recently appeared in Atlanta and Connecticut following his BRT Atlantic City performance and was also a headliner at Reggae Sumfest 25 before his most recent ignition at Dream Weekend with his Magnum Live performance. Following his Dream Live appearance Aidonia is slated to appear in Antigua before flying to Europe in August.

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