Monday, June 12, 2017

Breaking News: Irie Souljah Dreader Than Dread

The time is Dreader Than Dread as Irie Souljah urges youth to “stop the bloodshed”.

As the single design hit the internet on Friday, much interest has been generated the 25-year-old reggae artiste from Spain.
His melodious vocals and hard-hitting lyrics help to spread a positive message to the world.

“I am very happy that people are excited about the single, because this is a joint production with Kabaka Pyramid and myself. I also wanted to back to the roots of reggae, by releasing the single on vinyl,” said the artiste born Josep Jordi Grau Saula.

After great success from his debut album Immigrant, Irie Souljah will give a taste of his upcoming project with the single Dreader Than Dread.

Since living in Jamaica for the past three years, Irie Souljah has developed a relationship with the legendary producers Sly & Robbie, veteran singer Ken Boothe, and Kabaka Pyramid, with whom he is currently on tour.

Irie Souljah, joined Kabaka’s Accurate Europe Tour Part II at the 2016 staging of Rototom Sunsplash music festival in Spain and thrilled the crowd as he performed songs from Immigrant.
Co-manager of Kabaka Pyramid, Abishai Hoilett revealed that Irie Souljah was well received by the European audiences delivering his unique style of Reggae music.

The Making of Irie Souljah
Born in Barcelona, Irie Souljah was exposed to “black” music from four years old by his parents. In his teenage years, Irie Souljah’s interest in music resurged when he started going to parties where he was exposed to electronic music, often mixed with reggae and various Jamaican influences.

Captivated by videos of Bob Marley’s performances, Irie Souljah formed his first band Reggae Soldiers and started his roots reggae journey doing covers of Burning Spear and Culture.

Performing with his second band Mystic Soldiers, Irie Souljah felt a need to reach his full musical potential. The artiste moved to Jamaica after his first visit where he performed alongside Jamaica’s own such as Jessie Royal, and Chronixx.

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