Friday, April 21, 2017

Magnum Kings and Queens hits top gear

Rankin Pumkin came dressed for a war on Saturday, April 15, and came out victorious, ending the journey of Skatta’s wild-card Shalyric on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, season 10.

Twelve contestants remain as the Castles were merged into the Magnum Mansion when Saturday’s live show in Season 10 of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall hit top gear inside D’Entrance on Constant Spring Road. For the remainder of the competition contestants with the lowest votes will be eliminated each week until two females and two males remain to contest the finals for the titles and JMD $1,500,000.

The remaining Magnum Princes are: Della Rhymes, Compass, Symatic and Vanzo along with Tatik and D’Element who both survived face-offs on Saturday to remain on the show.

D’Element had an easy road as his opponent, Caano, was appearing for the third time in the lowest votes and was automatically eliminated. While, Tatik had to pull out all the stops as he was involved in the clash of the season with fellow favourite Rally Banks. Both gave a great performance but it was Tatik who got the nod from the judges to remain on the show.

“Rally Banks is a good artiste and I rate his work a lot, but at the end of the day we both delivered and the judges gave it to me. It was my first clash and I am happy to be the victor. For the rest of the show I will be giving a lot of different concepts, I feel I can win it” said Tatik.

A thankful Rally Banks said, “Congrats to Tatik. We both delivered tonight but the judges had a decision to make and they made it. It has been a good journey, I learned a lot about the hard work and dedication to continuously produce good music and that is what I will focus on now.”

The female Princesses that are still vying for the Magnum crown are: Rankin Pumpkin, who surprised everyone in her clash with Shalyric to remain on the show, Tammy K, Keke and Frenchy, Bag Gyal Bambi, Ali Ferrari, and Suspense. The female contestants have shown their intent as both Bad Gyal Bambi and Suspense came out in fierce moods during Saturday’s live show, with heavy hitting lyrics warning other contestants that they have their sights firmly set on the crown.

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Season 10 continues with Live Show 10 on Saturday, April 22. Twelve contestants remain to vie for the Season 10 Magnum King and Queen titles. The 2017 Magnum King and Queen will each receive JMD$1,500,000 and a chance to work with top industry producer Troyton.

Stacy Powell embraces Young Me after the two won special Magnum 6 pack packages.

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