Monday, December 19, 2016

Bodyguard Sound System ready to make 2017 'Bad Like Yaws'

The Bodyguard sound system is poised to take on 2017 in a grand way. Still on a high from the great performance of their play on the Independence of the Seas for the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise, the sound is ready to secure the enjoyment of crowds across the world.  With an ever-expanding collection, the sound is gearing up to dominate the world of sound systems for the coming year and beyond.
The Bodyguard Sound System, founded by Courtney Singh and Howard Campbell, in 1988 has evolved into a staple in and of the music industry, spreading Jamaican culture locally and internationally.
Dubbing themselves as a global brand, the DJs, founder and allies of the Bodyguard sound stand firm that the sound can entertain at any event as they are equipped for any space and situation. With a refocused team, the sound’s mission is to spread Jamaica’s Dancehall culture across the world and grow the awareness and appreciation of the sound clash culture in Africa and China. We took a short sabbatical to assess our role in this industry; we’re now re-energized and more ready than ever to take on the world as our musical oyster,” Courtney Singh exclaimed.
The sound boasts DJs Johnny, Junior Vibes, and Fiyah Wicked.  After almost half a century in the music business, the sound continues to be engraved above the rest and promises to remain that way. “We stay true to our roots but continue to improve as the years come and go. For 2017, it’s all about reintegration for us,” Singh expounded in expressing his pride in the growth of his brainchild.
With anthem dub plates Bad like Yaws and Clarendon by the late Nicodemus, Bodyguard has put many a sounds “to rest” and continues to bring their unique spins to an extensive repertoire of music and dub plates. The sound’s catalog continues to grow as they travel the world to play for various events, promoters and co-operations.
Singh expressed with delight “the sound has been to a vast number of places around the world,  apart from North America, Canada, and England, some stand out stops have been Brazil, New Zealand, France, Italy, Germany Holland and Belgium. Playing in Jamaica has always been dear to us and it was even more phenomenal playing on the Independence of the Seas for the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise 2016. That is one for the books”.
Armed with versatile DJs, a cultivating catalog of music, dub plates and spinning styles, and a founder with a vision, the Bodyguard Sound System, is ready to entertain spaces across the world. Regardless of the venue and event, Bodyguard has the entertainment secure. 

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