Thursday, June 9, 2016

Magnum’s King Accid and Queen Clymaxx newest additions to Dancehall Fraternity

Prince Accid and Princess Clymaxx were promoted to Magnum King and Queen at Saturday night’s final in the Magnum Kings and Queens Dancehall competition held at Breezy Castle, Downtown Kingston. 

The amazing turn out fans, the Magnum transformed grounds and an extended show time from 90 minutes to approximately 150 minutes all culminated into a blend of excitement. 
Gary Dixon, Group Marketing Manager for Wray and Nephew commented on his rating of season nine on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the highest. “I give it a nine in terms of the talent that we have seen. I think the year I would have given it a 10 was the year with Poor and Boasty. There is always room for improvement so that’s why I give it a nine. We were a little stage a couple years ago and now we are at Downtown Breezy Castle looking at thousands of people ,” said Dixon. 
Accid and Clymaxx have been awarded a recording contract from Frass Records, $1M each and the coveted Magnum crown. 
According the MKQ judge Skatta Burrell “Them nuh win a million dollars, them work and earn a million dollars.” 
In his clash against, Zigma, Accid saw massive eruptions from the crowd – at times drowning his lyrics, making them inaudible. Zigma, received quite a few forwards and boos but saw positive comments from resident judges Professor Nuts, Miss Kitty and Skatta Burrell. It was guest just Xoom who was more in favour of Accid. However, it was the votes from the public that counted and ruled in Accid’s favour. 

Accid aka ‘Short Man’ was humbled by the moment. “You know say is really my son Akash that’s going to see most of this money. He is four months old. The rest will go to the music,” said Accid. 

Meanwhile Meanwhile Clymaxx maintained support from all four judges, as well as the public votes to win her title. 
A very grateful Clymaxx was overwhelmed with joy. “Big up Magnum Kings and Queens, big up Digicel and KFC and everybody that vote for Clymaxx. Clymaxx love the exposure and really appreciate it. I’m going to use it as a stepping stone to take it to the world. I have T-shirts coming out soon including a mix tape with all of the songs I performed on Magnum,” shared Clymaxx. 
Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall has become the most watched local programme in Jamaica. The show airs live on TVJ, Saturdays at 9:30 pm and repeats on Tuesdays at 11:30 pm and Thursdays at 11 pm. 

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