Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dancehall meets Avant-Garde in Magnum Kings and Queens TV series

Since inception in 2007, the Magnum Kings and Queens (MKQ) of Dancehall talent series has incorporated a fashion element in its weekly live shows. Each Saturday night, dancehall trends take to the Magnum stage in the format of a fashion show parading the panache of local designers under a ‘Brazen’ theme.

Natalie Paraboosingh, Producer of Magnum Kings and Queens and Choreographer of the fashion segment says the style element puts an interesting spin on the live shows. “The fashion segment enhances the creativity and excitement of the show. Dancehall incorporates so much more than music, it is a culture and a part of that culture is Fashion. So music and fashion are a perfect synergy for a thrilling show! That’s what we try to bring to Jamaican audiences through Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.”

At the third live show in the series on Saturday, March 12 Chenele Wallace’s Cochen Designs went avant-garde for the large audience at D’Entrance on Constant Spring Road in Kingston. Wallace’s captivating inventions interlaced nicely with the Magnum models. Her edgy couture was well received by the enchanted audience. Dresses with slanting hem lines with adjoining ruptures of robust flair were her distinct signature for the avant-garde female pieces. While there seemed to be a black and gold colour scheme woven through all her numbers, the Magnum male models used their austere chests and chiselled arms to accentuate Cochen Design’s regal-like knee length coats and tailored leggings.

“It is my first time working with Magnum Kings and Queens. I like fun, I like to play around. The theme given to me was avant-garde (Brazen) and I don’t usually do that. I make everyday clothing, so it was different for us and I enjoyed doing it,” says Wallace.

The previous two weeks showcased designs from Balla Shawn and Ben Posh, well respected in the dancehall and fashion fraternities.

Balla Shawn’s hardcore dancehall style has portrayed the true risqué avant-garde fashion of the genre through Magnum Kings and Queens’ Brazen theme. He has styled hosts, judges and contestants alike, maintaining the true picture of dancehall through television screens across Jamaica.

According to the designer, there is no music without fashion. “Music is something that you hear and we the designers put the visual to it. We create an image for artistes. Music and fashion go hand in hand.”

Balla Shawn has been a part of the fashion segment since season one and says his involvement with Magnum Kings and Queens has brought him a lot of business. “I am the first designer on Magnum. Advertisement pays and I can’t pay for that advertisement out of my pocket. Business is very good thanks to Magnum.”

While party goers and the local fashion industry watch MKQ for the latest high style dancehall trends; the remaining designers on season nine of the show gear up to unveil a voyage of discoveries where dancehall simply meets avant-garde.

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall has become the most watched local programme in Jamaica. The show airs live on Saturdays at 9:30pm and repeats on Tuesdays at 11:30pm and Thursdays at 11pm on TVJ.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Digicel’s Di Endz serves up a new host

As the introduction for the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall (MKQ) is cued on Saturday March 12, Dario “3ple_X” Cummings will make his first appearance as the host of Digicel’s Di Endz segment of the television programme.

Anticipating his new role, 3ple_X assures viewers that he will deliver and give what is needed for quality programming. “Viewers can expect to hear questions they want the answers to,’’ he outlined.

He went on to explain that his block of the programme will feature a spontaneous-style presentation of delivery. 

“I am bringing my own flavour, my excitement, and my energy to Digicel Di Endz. I just want Jamaica to know that it will be me being myself. I am not trying to be scripted or steered in any one direction. I will just accentuate the event.”

Having attended the first two live shows, 3ple_x says that he is anticipating an entertaining season. “This season is bound to be exciting. It’s still the early day, so let’s see what they have to offer. Normally the competition starts off a bit slow, but Castle Red and Castle Blue have shown a huge depth of talent. It seems the judges have their work cut out for them this year and I think the fans are in for a treat.”

3ple_X hails from Linstead and began his career in entertainment when he entered the Charles Chocolate Dancing Dynamite competition in 2009 and placed third. After Dancing Dynamites, he went on to serve as a choreographer and has created numerous energetic routines for dance groups for Dream Events, YVAs, Super Cup half-time show, and also company dancers.

Additionally, 3ple _X has worked with popular local and international artistes including Elephant Man, Ding Dong, Beenie Man, Voicemail, Konshens, Busy Signal, Rihanna, Jay Z and Razor B. Though he is known for his dancing talent, 3ple_X also emcees Heavy Weight Sound, and has also branched off to host several events such as the Magnum Run Road Tour in 2015, a few road shows, UWI and Utech events among others.

Digicel’s Di Endz have been hosted by Donald “Iceman” Anderson, Pretty Boy Floyd who was the longest standing host, followed by Dayne Chike Morrison and last season’s Dufton Shephard.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Castle Blue Contestants To Compete For the crown on Magnum Kings and Queens this Saturday

14 Princes & Princesses from Castle Blue will take the stage on this week’s edition of Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall on Television Jamaica (TVJ). Following a remarkable showing by Castle Red the stakes are high for Castle Blue contestants, who were not able to perform as scheduled last week when the show was cancelled due to inclement weather. This Saturday March 5, promises loud and entertaining performances along with the honest and witty remarks by resident judges, Miss. Kitty, Professor Nuts and Scatta.

As contestants vie each week for the Magnum crown and $1Million Dollars it is critical to secure support to avoid elimination. This Saturday will see 4 contestants (2 princes + 2 princesses) from Castle Red leaving the competition, based on low fan votes. The show continues to grow and remains the #1 watched show in Jamaica. Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall airs on Saturdays at 9:30pm on TVJ with repeat shows on Tuesdays at 11:30pm and Thursdays at 11:00pm.