Friday, February 12, 2016

Jodi Henriques Gets “Gemmed Up” For Carnival 2016

Island Gems - Jamaica

Popular television host Jodi “Jinx” Hendriques, launched her first Jamaican carnival costume at the Bacchanal 2016 Launch, called “Island Gems” sponsored by Island Bet.
After working in the entertainment industry for 10 years, she decided to broaden her horizons as a costume designer, which was inspired by her love for ‘feting’.
“I just had to turn my love for carnival into more than just a hobby”., she explains.
Her success so far as a costume designer can be attributed to her attention to detail on each of her pieces. She states that, “This design has a modern twist with the use of the nude fabric which really showcases the iridescent stone and gem work.” 
Jodi Henriques made her mark on the carnival scene in 2014, when she premiered her costume ‘Mobay’ costume as part of the Bliss section, the sister band for the much bigger TRIBE band in Trinidad. She was also the first Jamaican to design for the section Bliss which was sold out within days.
She also made a grand return with her “Cattleya” costume for the 2016 Trinidad and Tobago carnival, which also received early sold out prices.   
Henriques, a partner in Karnival by Kandi, also hosts carnival parties in Kingston and soon to be branching out to other Carribean countries.  
Jodi models costume at Jamaica carnival in 2015.

While at the Bacchanal Jamaica Launch to see her Jamaican design revealed to the patrons the at Mas Camp; simultaneously her specially made unique “Queens” costume was unveiled in Cayman for their Batabano Carnival for the primer band, Swanky.  All the proceeds will go towards charity in support for Cancer patients.

“I am so blessed and therefore feel compelled to give back,” Henriques said.

“We all know someone who’s been affected by the ravages of cancer so I’m glad to know that the proceeds from my costume will go towards this charity.”

Henriques is off to New York in a few weeks where she will be working with the largest costume manufacturer for the Caribbean to get designs ready for next year.  

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