Monday, February 29, 2016

Fierce Fashion, Loud Performances Kickstart Magnum Kings and Queens

Fashion in dancehall is creative and bold and that is what VenPosh Collections delivered on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall on Saturday February 20. A jaw dropping fashion segment along with some captivating performances marked the staging of the first live show. The popular reality TV talent show aired on Saturday 9:30pm on TVJ and opened with a fierce fashion show featuring “VenPosh Collections Envious Curves Shapewear.”

“It is different. It has never been done before, so while it may look like it is lingerie, it is really shape wear; but we are doing it with a touch of sexiness,” explained designer Venice Anderson, adding that the show’s host, “Curvy Diva” Yanique wears her garments.

“It was a suggestion by friends. But I also saw the show and the sexiness that the show comes with and I believe that my stuff would go well with it,” she said, touting the uniqueness of the garments. The range of up-cycled and “up-sexied” shape wear includes enhancements for men and women.

The fashion show was made even louder thanks to the choreography of Natalie Parboosingh, producer of Magnum Kings and Queen’s of the Dancehall, who utilized a very sexy, edgy S&M Theme which had the audience clamoring to the front of the stage.

“The theme was really inspired by the designs. We wanted to go for something fresh and edgy but sexy and thrilling and I think it was well received by the audience. The visual presentation was also very dynamic in terms of its value to the live show which made the overall presentation of the first show in the new season a huge hit.”

Parboosingh is expecting even more exciting routines for the upcoming shows in the Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall Live Shows Series, “We will be having creative, fresh fun, sexy and very dynamic visual presentations moving forward as we want that segment to be as loud as possible.”  

The collection included a wide range of shape wear pieces, including full-body pieces, waist trainers, as well as male enhancements such as vests. Anderson says that her products are effective in maintaining shape after reconstructive surgery and is also helpful to correct posture of people who suffer from scoliosis.

Anderson, who admits that she is not a designer by profession, was pleased with the crowd’s reaction to her products. At the end of the season, the best designer’s collection will win a cash prize of $150,000.

14 contestants of Castle Red comprising of seven princes and seven princesses took to the stage in a bid to wow audiences and secure votes that will keep them in the competition. Outstanding performances came from princesses Shaniel Muir who gave a stirring  performance with beautiful vocals and Mizza Bling who lit up the stage with loud energy and a no nonsense manner that got Ms. Kitty dancing. The princes were not to be outdone with D’Agent, Jemineye, Accid and Skillarchy energizing the crowd. It was however Shemdon who lit up D’entrance with his loud performance of his original song Strike and Pass that connected with the audience and sent them into frenzy.

Next week 14 additional contestants from Castle Blue will showcase their talent on the live show as the aim to win the Magnum title and $1 Million dollars. 
The show continues to grow and remains the #1 watched show in Jamaica. Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall airs on Saturdays at 9:30pm on TVJ with repeat shows on Tuesdays at 11:30pm and Thursdays at 11:00pm.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stone Love’s Randy Rich gives Magnum contestants Thumbs Up

On the night when the iconic Stone Love claimed the coveted YVA Award for Best Sound System, Randi Rich was on the wheels of steel inside D’Entrance for the Live Premier of the Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall and was left ‘selecting’ applause for this year’s contestants. The crowd inside the D’Entrance was left asking for more after outstanding performances from princesses Shaniel Muir and her beautiful, dynamic vocals and Mizza Bling who lit up the stage with loud energy and a no nonsense mood that got Ms. Kitty raviing. The Magnum princes shone just as bright with the likes of D’Agent, Jemineye, Accid and Skillarchy, early contenders energizing the crowd. It was however, Shemdon who lit up D’entrance with his loud performance of his original song Strike and Pass that connected with the audience and sent them into frenzy.

The contestants go Loud! For the first show they really came out with a bang and if they keep up this momentum the show is going to continue getting louder for the rest of the season. Me Like It!” said Randi Rich!

The Stone Love selector is in his first season of the show as the resident DJ and quickly showed his class as he kept the crowd inside D’Entrance buzzing during the breaks of the live show, drawing forward with a barrage of selections across all genres. D’Entrance was rocking to the sounds of My Dream and other hard hitters such as Big Deal and Champion Boy which he expertly used to commemorate Stone Love’s YVA victory and the crowd was yet again ignited while they awaited the resumption of the live performances.

“I just want to bring a next level vibes and a lot of excitement. I am representing the World Immortal Sound, Stone Love so I always have to deliver at certain level and I think I established a good start for the first show.”

Week one of the live show saw 14 contestants, of Castle Red, comprising of seven princes and seven princesses take to the stage in a bid to wow the audience and secure votes that will keep them in the competition. The Castle Red princesses from week one were, Shaneil Muir, Kezzi, Kadjah, KK, Tequila, Rae Dyance and Mizza Bling while the Castle Red Males who took the stage were D’Agent, Jemineye, Accid, Blindz, Shemdon, Autical and Skillarchy.

The competition will continue on Saturday, February 27 with 14 additional contestants, from Castle Blue, will showcase their talent on the live show as they aim to win the Magnum title and $1 Million dollars. The show continues to grow and remains the #1 watched show in Jamaica. Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall airs on Saturdays at 9:30pm on TVJ with repeat shows on Tuesdays at 11:30pm and Thursdays at 11:00pm.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Finalists face tough judges on Magnum Kings and Queens this weekend

Carl ‘Professor Nuts’ Wellington, veteran judge on the weekly talent show Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall says Jamaica should brace for good competition this season.

“We have a good crop of contestants this year. They are spitting more fire than last year. We might find that they start a little shaky, but with grooming throughout the competition, they will get better,” said Nuts. 

Of the crop of 28 contestants vying for J$1 million cash prize this season, while not underestimating the talent of the contestants, Khadine ‘Ms. Kitty’ Hylton admits she is unsure that they will be able to live up to the high standard of talent unearthed over the years.

“This year, I see some potential, but I am still worried that the talent in Jamaica still needs to be honed and unearthed,” she said.

Ms Kitty, humbled by the love and support of her fan base confessed that the best aspect of the show for her is seeing the growth and development in the contestants. 

Viewers of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition should also tune in to see fun, eclectic, and knowledgeable panel of judges. 

Each week, media personality the “Fluffy Diva, Ms. Kitty”, veteran entertainer Professor Nuts, and Downsound Records music producer Skatta Burrell add their own layer of spunk and charisma. 

The trio gives the competition a talent and reality show hybrid that attracts hundred to the live performances at D-Entrance and thousands glued to their television sets when Magnum Kings and Queens air live on Television Jamaica (TVJ) at 9:30pm on Saturdays. 

Ms. Kitty says viewers can expect “Louder”, energy from her this ninth season.

“They can expect high energy. They can expect me being frank, up-front, and keeping it real. They can expect a lot of high fashion, sexiness — it’s all about beauty and brain, so we are bringing all of that,” she said.

For his part, Professor Nuts says that their animated vibes are not planned.

“Spontaneously, that’s how we do it. It’s not something that we plan,” he said, referring to the camaraderie between himself and his judging colleagues. “We try to keep as energetic as possible as judges. I don’t see any replacement for them (Ms. Kitty and Skatta).”

The show continues to grow and remains the #1 watched show in Jamaica. Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall airs on Saturdays at 9:30pm on TVJ with repeat shows on Tuesdays at 11:30pm and Thursdays at 11:00pm.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Songstress Tessanne Chin Drops Sensational Hit, Love Suicide

Tessanne Chin's latest single Love Suicide is a sweeping, soulful ballad of reckless affection. The single captures the essence of finding love so powerful that it is all together consuming and exhilarating. Love Suicide, released on her own imprint Chinita Entertainment, is now available on iTunes for pre-sale.
Known for her powerhouse vocals and striking range, Tessanne Chin is in the studio working on her third album.  She cultivates elements of Soul, Pop, and R&B, but always with a little island flare that sets her apart from her peers. These features in Chin's music are realized to their fullest potential in her latest single, Love Suicide. Her astounding voice illuminates the track as the tension builds throughout this elegant song of absolute true love. Opening with a classic piano melody, Love Suicide maintains a fresh and unique style of contemporary and classic R&B influences. Seasoned songwriter, Blu June, whose credits include Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande and many more, brought her skills to assist in writing Love Suicide.  
As Chin exclaims, "Oh baby, I wanna dive right into you, it's a love suicide," her strong and gorgeous vocals instantly seize heartstrings, characterizing the sensation of love so strong that catches her off guard. "The song is about loving someone so deeply that you fall into it completely and surrender yourself to it," Chin comments. As the track builds, the passion in her dynamic belting increases and emphasizes the sincerity of her unquestionable yearning and the hold it has over her. To make the sound come to fruition, Tessanne collaborated with producerDarwin Quinn (Lil'C), whose tracks have charted #1 on Billboard and recent credits include Tyga, TI, Young Jeezy and many more.
International Reggae Pop sensation Shaggy suggested she audition for Season 5 of NBC's hit singing competition show, The Voice, which she won.  She performed duets with superstars, like Celine Dion and Adam Levine, her show coach.  Her cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water went to #1 on iTunes Overall Top Songs, the first instance of this happening for a contestant of The Voice. Since winning The Voice, Tessanne opened Blow by Blow, a full-service salon in Kingston, Jamaica in tandem with her two sisters.  She also recently partnered with Bellami Hair Extensions. 
Showcasing Tessanne Chin's rare sound and style, Love Suicide proves yet again that we can expect more aural beauty from the esteemed artist. Having topped the charts in the Caribbean, Chin has recently set her sights on a broader fan base and continues to win over hearts, minds, and ears with her magnificent voice. To learn more about upcoming releases and tours, visit

Jodi Henriques Gets “Gemmed Up” For Carnival 2016

Island Gems - Jamaica

Popular television host Jodi “Jinx” Hendriques, launched her first Jamaican carnival costume at the Bacchanal 2016 Launch, called “Island Gems” sponsored by Island Bet.
After working in the entertainment industry for 10 years, she decided to broaden her horizons as a costume designer, which was inspired by her love for ‘feting’.
“I just had to turn my love for carnival into more than just a hobby”., she explains.
Her success so far as a costume designer can be attributed to her attention to detail on each of her pieces. She states that, “This design has a modern twist with the use of the nude fabric which really showcases the iridescent stone and gem work.” 
Jodi Henriques made her mark on the carnival scene in 2014, when she premiered her costume ‘Mobay’ costume as part of the Bliss section, the sister band for the much bigger TRIBE band in Trinidad. She was also the first Jamaican to design for the section Bliss which was sold out within days.
She also made a grand return with her “Cattleya” costume for the 2016 Trinidad and Tobago carnival, which also received early sold out prices.   
Henriques, a partner in Karnival by Kandi, also hosts carnival parties in Kingston and soon to be branching out to other Carribean countries.  
Jodi models costume at Jamaica carnival in 2015.

While at the Bacchanal Jamaica Launch to see her Jamaican design revealed to the patrons the at Mas Camp; simultaneously her specially made unique “Queens” costume was unveiled in Cayman for their Batabano Carnival for the primer band, Swanky.  All the proceeds will go towards charity in support for Cancer patients.

“I am so blessed and therefore feel compelled to give back,” Henriques said.

“We all know someone who’s been affected by the ravages of cancer so I’m glad to know that the proceeds from my costume will go towards this charity.”

Henriques is off to New York in a few weeks where she will be working with the largest costume manufacturer for the Caribbean to get designs ready for next year.