Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sean Paul’s Full Speed Riddim set to blaze the video scene with a masterful Heist

Sean Paul’s Dutty Rock Productions in collaboration with Image Development Studios brings the Full Speed Riddim to life on the big screen in a ‘heist’ featuring Beenie Man, Ding Dong, Elephant Man, Future Fambo, and Mink Jo on Friday September 18. The Full Speed Riddim Medley Video will be released at 12:00noon EST on YouTube.

The highly anticipated Full Speed Riddim medley video stacks over 80 years of Dancehall Industry experience under its belt spanning from the launch of Veteran Dj Beenie Man’s career to upcoming artiste Mink Jo’s arrival this year.  But what truly makes the Full Speed Riddim medley video stand out, is its story and style. 

Director of Photography and Director Gareth Cobran, of Image Development Studios, shared that the most surprising fact for audience members will be that the entire video was shot in one location, Sterling Sound Stage, with five amazing sets. According to Cobran,” the challenge with medley videos is finding cohesive visuals to complement each track, however, with this one; Dutty Rock Productions put together four tracks that really work well together visually. The Elephant Man and Fambo track Money was kicked off with a ‘heist ‘concept and everything else kind of fell into place.” In this heist themed movie, each track is a scene in the heist and each artiste plays a different role in the heist.  Mink Jo plays the lookout; Ding Dong is the getaway driver and wild card; Elephant Man and Future Fambo are the crew on the job and the mastermind is played by none other than Beenie Man.

Future Fambo, raves that the props used as well as the futuristic treatment are definitely the video’s most standout elements. Always about keeping it positive Fambo highlighted that “we don’t judge artistes by how they look, but by their sound, vibes and the lyrics they put out.” In fact, he described the time spent with his co-stars on set as pure vibes. Fambo believes that it is indeed a good video and that Sean Paul did a good job in producing it. Fambo further shared that the track he created with Elephant Man was actually a combination of talent and chance. “Me and Elephant jus buck up at the studio and Sean Paul said it would be nice if I sang the verse and Elephant Man sang the hook because both our voices have similar frequency,” disclosed Fambo. The artiste will be releasing his next single Wavy from his album Wavy It’s Crazy shortly.

For Mink Jo, the experience has been “an opportunity of a lifetime for an upcoming artiste,” she said. A milestone in fact; as it is her first video. She revealed that she felt “blessed to be working in the industry and to be amongst the veterans,” and “hopes that people will like the song and video.” She continues to work on her recently released album Boy. Girl. Love.

Full Speed Riddim was produced by international, Grammy Award winning superstar Sean Paul and was released in two parts this year; in January and May respectively. Full Speed Riddim is Sean Paul's third project on his Dutty Rock Label, which was formed in 2011. Other videos released on this Riddim include: Denyque’s Ring the Alarm and Sean Paul's Take it Low.

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