Friday, March 6, 2015

Jamaican-born actress Kimberly Huie makes director debut in “The Intervention”

Jamaican-born actress Kimberly Huie, renowned for roles in hit series such as Grey’s Anatomy, CSI and Andromeda, has embarked on a new project which sees her don the hats of screenwriter and director. Huie’s new project, The Intervention, which was premiered at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival in 2014, adds the title of filmmaker to her already impressive resume.

The Intervention is a short film which focuses on a protagonist, played by Huie, who struggles in denial. The female lead is then confronted by her closest friends who then stage an intervention to bring their struggling friend to the realization that her denial is crippling to her. The intervening then leads to a clash of the personalities of each friend which then unfolds in a surprising twist.

The short film is Huie’s directorial debut and it created quite a stir at its 2014 debut when Jonathan Ali, editorial director of the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival labeled it, “a pitch-perfect, hilarious short.”

Kimberly Huie has had memorable guest starring appearances in her acting career which include The Guardian, NYPD Blue, Any Day Now, Pensacola and Chicago Hope. Huie has performed in a wide range of roles for films including Never Get out of The Boat, Shoot (Sundance Film Festival 2001), Grahams Diner (Sundance 2000), Caller ID, Hairshirt and Just for Fun. She also appeared in the cult classic Wishmaster 4, and as Denzel Washington's wife in Deep Impact.

The Jamaican native also boasts an impressive TV track record having recurring roles on the series such as Philly, Leaving L.A., Push, The Great Defender, and Catwalk. Huie also appeared in the pilots Raising Dad, The Corsairs and D.O.A.

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