Friday, December 12, 2014

Stone Love Kicked Off Anniversary Celebrations in Miami

The Immortal Sound, Stone Love has brought its annual anniversary party to the international
stage. After hosting the first celebratory event in Miami on November 26, the much travelled sound system will be in New Jersey on December 12 before completing the international celebrations in New York on Saturday, December 20. The cornerstone sound system culminates its 42nd anniversary celebrations on Saturday, December 27 at the Red Stripe Oval.

While the New Jersey and New York celebrations are new, the Miami celebration has been going on for over 15 years and was well supported. The first party in the series of celebratory events featured Stone Love who played in three separate sets to a capacity crowd as well as Black Chiney, DJ Pablo and Jooksie Fire from Innocent Sound.

“The club was filled to capacity from early. We had a lot of friends and industry supporters including the Marleys; Stephen and Rohan who came out to show their support for Stone Love. It was a good vibe that went into overdrive when Wee Pow joined the party. It was really a good start to the celebrations,” said Xaun Fletcher, international manager for Stone Love.

With a worldwide fan base, Stone Love has been using events such as the US Thanksgiving Wednesday, Stone Love Anniversary Party in Miami to strengthen their brand in international markets. Having heard the demands for additional events especially on the East coast of the US, the Immortal Sound will venture to New Jersey and New York where they intend to build even more momentum ahead of the local celebrations.

Stone Love’s 42nd Anniversary celebration on Saturday, December 27 will be staged at the Red Stripe Oval. The much anticipated celebratory event will feature live performances from some of the industry’s leading names and is expected to, once again, confirm Stone Love’s place as the Immortal Sound. 

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