Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Soul In The Sun Thrilled on its Inaugural Run

The first ever staging of the Soul In The Sun Music Festival has left patrons elated as the performances by the cast of vocalists were simply stellar. Freddie Jackson was magnificent and the breathtaking Regina Belle brought tears to the eyes of some with her stunning set, while acts such as Dru Hill and LUST brought energetic sets which gave the festival much appreciated variety.

Complete Entertainment Services (CES), organizers of the festival, were pleased with the overall production and performances which is sure to linger in the minds of patrons. Junior Taylor, executive producer of CES was enthusiastic following the first staging and is already looking forward to a bigger and better festival come next year.

“For a first time event I must say I am extremely pleased with the execution, the show was absolutely smooth and the quality of the production was complemented with unique performances. The support we received was really appreciated and we are just looking to improve the product as a leading entertainment brand moving forward. We can only grow from here,” said Taylor. 

Night I, Friday October 10, provided much sparks with the sensational voices of Luckie D, Thriller U, Singing Melody and Tony Curtis together as LUST, giving patrons a performance touted as one of the best of the weekend. LUST engaged the crowd inside The Aqueduct Rose Hall with a series of roots rocking Reggae and Gospel fusion, lover’s rock and soul as they thrilled throughout their entire set. 90s R&B groups Silk and Dru Hill was nothing short of entertaining as they captured both attention and imagination of the women inside the Aqueduct and a special solo performance by Sisqo ensured a lasting memory as he belted out Thong Song, upon request.

The heat inside the Aqueduct was turned all the way up as Keith Sweat stepped up to close Night I. Sweat blazed through a catalogue of hits including, Nobody, Make It Last Forever, Twisted and How Deep Is Your Love before inviting Dru Hill and Silk back on stage to give a incredible finale to the patrons who flocked to the front of the stage.

Night II was indeed worthy of being the closing night as the atmosphere inside the Aqueduct, Rose Hall was lit up with spectacular performances, with Freddie Jackson and Regina Belle leading the way. Jackson crooned his way to a magnificent reception as he delivered a set which had patrons screaming for his return to the stage. Belle despite being the only female on Night II stood tall and delivered one of the night’s best performances and her live duet with Peabo Bryson really did transform the Aqueduct into A Whole New World.

Richie Stephens was energetic and gave patrons a smooth set as expected. Howard Hewitt was also silky in his delivery as patrons rocked to his amazing vocals. Peabo demonstrated why he was one of soul’s best and Jeffrey Osborne showed his worth as the closer. At one point Osborne was in the midst of the crowd as he offered patrons the mic to lead You Should Be Mine (Woo Woo Woo).

The Soul In The Sun Music Festival from October 10 – 11, was a magnificent festival with stunning performances all around. Patrons and organizers alike expressed satisfaction at the shows quality and will be expecting an even better package for a 2015 staging.

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