Monday, October 6, 2014

Etana appeals for improved quality of life with Trigger

Uncompromising Reggae lyricist Etana, has released the video for her hit single Trigger, an emotional appeal for improved quality of life within Jamaican society. The video is presented from the perspective of ‘the man behind the trigger’ and illustrates how the pressures of life can affect the choices of Jamaican youths. Trigger is the latest single released off Etana’s upcoming album, I-Rise set to be released on the VP Records label in October.

Through the video, Etana sensitizes viewers about the reality which faces many young Jamaican men. The viewpoint allows Etana to paint an emotive picture as she appeals for improved quality of life especially for the less fortunate Jamaicans. The video depicts the story of a young man with an ailing mother who explores the limited options available to him to tend to her health. 

“Many people will see someone do something and quickly cast judgment; yeah he deserves to die or he must be in prison. They don’t know the full story about how the person ended up making that choice or how that choice was forced upon them, and this song is just basically telling you a story, a real story of someone who is quite educated but had no other option to ensure the survival of his cancer stricken mother,” said Etana.  

The video, like the song, targets socio-economic issues such as the lack of opportunities and the biased atmosphere which looms over the heads of those from less fortunate circumstances and communities.

“It is an emotional piece, as the message contained is about the improvements necessary for developing living conditions, in health care and employment opportunities. This could have immeasurable effects on our crime and violence issues,” said Etana, in a recent interview.

Etana has become known as ‘The Strong One’ due to her empowering messages and continued focus on giving voice to those who are silenced by socio-economic shackles. Trigger is another track which has been getting rave reviews for its positive underlying theme, and will be mentioned along with other notable Etana hits such as, Wrong Address, I’m Not Afraid, Roots and Free which all make the same appeal for social reform.

Etana will continue empowering through her music as she gets set to release her 4th album, I-Rise in October on the VP Records Label. I-Rise will feature a strong mix of Etana’s character, faith and passion revealed in each song as her storytelling skills through her lyrics have matured over the years.

“You can expect a lot of emotions, and even more passion. Everyone involved in the project brought their own energy and it provided a great blend,” said Etana about the album.

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