Friday, October 17, 2014

Aidonia strikes positive tone with One Voice Foundation

Dancehall artiste Sheldon Lawrence, popularly known as Aidonia, recently launched the One Voice Foundation in hopes of positively impacting the lives of Jamaican youths. The Foundation’s first major undertaking includes scholarship awards, which was announced during a ceremony on Friday October 10 at the Maxfield Park Primary School. Aidonia also shed light on plans which are already underway to establish a computer centre in the Constant Spring area.
The awardee will be chosen following the culmination of the GSAT examinations and will receive a $200,000 grant, per year, for each year of his/her high school tenure. Along with satisfying the academic standing the student must also show exemplary behaviour, attitude and decorum in and outside of the classroom. An additional four students will also receive book vouchers, valued at $20,000 each.

Aidonia explained that programmes such as this are aimed at reducing the stigma of poor education among young persons from the inner city.  

“Honestly we just wanted to do something to remind youths that they can be anything they
want to be in life with the right education. A lot of them are stereotyped because of the areas where they are from and repeatedly told they can’t be this or that, and there isn’t much being done to change that mentality. So this is just to remind them by rewarding their hard work that, there is a lot to be gained from committing to academics,” said Aidonia.

The One Voice Foundation is also currently working with the Constant Spring Police Station to ascertain a site and open a computer centre to serve youths in and around the Mannings Hill Road, White Hall and Red Hills Road communities.

Aidonia recently launched his clothing line, One V and has been working hard with new singles such as, 80’s Dancehall Style, Keep Them Talking Ft. Onton, Ganja Farmer and Youths Dem.

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