Monday, September 1, 2014

Jo Mersa’s Sunshine Video shining bright

Jo Mersa, has been getting sparkling reviews for his latest video release of the single Sunshine, from his debut EP Comfortable.

The video was created by award winning director Shaun Escayg, who is known for his creative and impactful use of visual effects; especially his work on Transformers: Dark of The Moon, a box office hit in 2011. Jo Mersa teamed up with Escayg to shoot the Sunshine video in and around Coconut Grove, in Miami. The video features a stunning mix of black and white and coloured scenes, used to depict longing and love respectively.

“The video was deliberately shot in black and white to try and capture the emotion of someone who is away from that person who they are totally in love with. We then used scenes of colour to symbolize the emergence of love, which is another emotion that can brighten and uplift you when found.” said Jo Mersa.

The video showcases Jo Mersa wandering alone as if embarking on a journey which is shot in black and white. This is then juxtaposed with scenes shot in colour, in which he is in the company of the woman he loves, illustrating how ‘sunshine’ can brighten your gloomiest day.

“I am sure everyone can relate and know what it is to have someone who brings a little Sunshine to their life,” Jo Mersa concluded.

The lyrical genius has been touring with his father, Stephen Marley and Slightly Stoopid across North America and admits he has gained immeasurable experience.

“Touring with my father and Slightly Stoopid has really contributed to my learning of the tricks and trades of the industry and what it takes to be successful. I am grateful beyond what words can express, and at the same time eager to now showcase another side of Jo Mersa, now that I am comfortable with my talent and know what I am capable of doing,” he said chuckling during a recent interview.

The video for Sunshine is gaining increasing attention in local and international markets and the stage is now set for the young Marley to define his own style.

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