Friday, August 15, 2014

Prosperity Jamaica keen on capturing Jamaica’s interest

Prosperity Jamaica is revolutionary, documentary styled films which lead creators Tarik Zawdie Kiddoe and Gareth "The Truth" Cobran hold hopes of reaching the hearts and interest of Jamaicans everywhere. The project was launched on, on Wednesday, August 6 and will embark on a 52 day crowd-funding campaign to offset the film’s production.

Prosperity Jamaica Film depicts fresh ideas for socio-economical reform in Jamaica. The creators hope the project will inspire Jamaicans through the illustration of relevant, non-partisan solutions to issues such as taxation, revenue generation and productivity.

The method of a crowd-funding campaign will generate income for the shooting, editing and ultimately, showcase of the film and is a means of captivating public awareness engaging their support from a foundation level. The campaign will last 52 days and individuals, groups, companies and other entities can pledge their support through donations which will go directly to the production of the film. Writer and chief advocate, Tarik Kiddoe holds high hopes for the project as a tool to mobilize Jamaicans in implementing changes to the socio-economic conditions facing the nation. Contributions as low as US$5 can be made towards the project via credit card or Pay Pal.

“This film is really for the people. That is the reason we are not seeking government sponsorship, because we feel through crowd-funding we would have gained the support and approval from the people. We are committed to bringing the film to life but we are also committed to gaining the support from the Jamaican people, hence if our goal is not met, Prosperity Jamaica will refund every single dollar that was donated,” said Kiddoe of the project.

The project is well thought out and has been studiously researched over the past 8 years. The author, and primary advocate, Tarik Zawdie Kiddoe refined the film's socio-economic principles through discussions with economists, financial professionals, and ordinary Jamaicans. “We think of it as Jamaican hope, fused with strategies for action. Our aim is to deliver guiding philosophies that are more relevant, realistic, inclusive and more doable than any one philosophy presented to the people of Jamaica in the past 40 years. We want Jamaicans across the world to watch a film and see a path that can give them real hope for the country,” Kiddoe said. Kiddoe has incorporated his own personal experiences, both as a citizen and as a small business operator to provide contrasting and comparative lenses from which the film can be viewed.

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