Friday, June 27, 2014

Rolling Stone features young Marleys

The infamous Rolling Stone Magazine recently featured two of the upcoming stars from the iconic Marley family. Son of Stephen Marley, Joseph ‘Jo Mersa’ Marley and cousin, Daniel ‘Bambaata’ Marley who is the son of six-time Grammy winner Ziggy Marley were highlighted for their contemporary musical offerings which are resonating globally. 

The feature was written by prominent entertainment journalist Jesse Serwer and gave credit to the emergence of the grandsons of Bob Marley who have thus far showed their intent in carrying on a legacy which began an entire generation ago. The piece highlighted Jo Mersa and Bambaata Marley owing their revelation to the collaboration My Girl.  They followed up with features on the Ghetto Youths International compilation Set Up Shop, Vol. 1 to include Treat You Right by Bambaata and Bad So and Comfortable by Jo Mersa.  

The Rolling Stone article is a testament to the work that the new generation of Marleys has been doing as Rolling Stone is notoriously exclusive. Only artistes of an extremely high caliber, or who have shown signs of clear promise in terms of successful careers are featured in the internationally renowned magazine. The feature is definitely a promising sign that Jo Mersa and Daniel Bambaata Marley are heading in the right direction in terms of their musical careers. 

Mersa and Bambaata have both been performing since they were toddlers, when their
fathers would often bring them out at Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers shows to assist in performing. The music did not find its way out of the hearts of the Jo Mersa and Bambaata Marley and they are now on the verge of following in the footsteps of infamous musicians to have come out of the Marley family. 

Jo Mersa recently released his bedut EP Comfortable on the Ghetto Youths International Label while Daniel Bambaata Marley has been getting raved reviews for his releases Treat You Right and Live It in a Fear. Sewer also mentions other talented Marley youngsters such as Mathew Prendergast, son of Sharon Marley who is known as Biggz General and Ky-Mani Marley Jr. known as KJ Marley who both released mixtapes in 2013. 

Rolling Stone have highlighted the next generation of musical Marleys with Jo Mersa and Daniel Bambaata Marley pushing the family name forward through their interesting and diverse style of music.

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