Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jesse Royal takes Japanese market by storm

Life is very interesting for the musical outlaw Jesse Royal these days as he is in high demand both locally and internationally because of the powerful message in his music and a mixtape that resonates with fans worldwide. “Right now we are smoothing out some tour dates as the people really want to see me but we have to always be prepared and give the people what they deserve,” said Jesse.

The man from Maroon Town, St. James is now in the process of shooting music videos for two of his recent hits Hotter the Battle and Modern Day Judas and though he is not giving much away about the video concept, he does say that fans will be pleased with the finished product as it gives them a visual into his thoughts and his need to uplift through his lyrics. “I don’t want to share too much but the videos will be shot within the next three weeks, so fans should stay tuned,” Jesse explained.

Aside from his upcoming video shoots, Jesse Royal is also excited about the success of his mixtape which came out in May of this year. He has since remixed one specifically for the Japanese market. In Comes the Small Axe is a mixtape I did earlier and it really picked up steam in Japan as the people over there loved it. Some good friends of ours told us to get a little more personal with the Japanese so we remixed the artwork, did some tweaking and added some bonus tracks for them.”

Royal is also back in the studios working on his debut album. “It will be a little glimpse into how one generation sees life, what we think can be adjusted and the hurt we felt at the hands of the ones we trusted. I will be leaving it open to interpretation. I will leave the space open for creativity, not duplicate or replicate what has already been done.”  

More than anything, he believes in giving his local audience an inspired performance whenever he touches the stage. “Everybody needs food, need sustenance. It’s like nourishing a little baby who doesn’t know he needs the nutrients you provide, so even if he makes a fuss about the taste he will eventually be quiet as you are giving him what he needs. The thing about music, every song impacts you in a different way so you can’t say one reasoning is better than another. When music hits you, you feel the inspiration. Everybody has something to offer the world.”

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