Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stone Love, The Special Anniversary

The Immortal Stone Love celebrates an impressive 40 years on the entertainment scene locally and internationally at its anniversary bash at D’Entrance in Kingston, dubbed The Special, on Saturday December 29. Stone Love is set to fete fans with special reduced admission fees of $600 pre sale and $800 at the gate

This year’s anniversary party, under the theme The Special is set to be a remarkable affair with lots of surprises for attending. There was no celebration in 2011 but this year Stone Love will be making it an extraordinary celebration, not only for the sound system but for patrons who have been instrumental in pushing the sound system’s popularity to reach this 40 year landmark.
Only Stone Love Anniversary could guarantee the attendance of all Stone Love selectors at one signature event.  Foundation Stone Love selectors Rory, Geefus, Billy Slaughter and Billy Cosby and joined in later years by, Diamond, Fire Ras, Ice Burg , Black Fox and Scary Gary & Dwayne Pow on the "one's and two's". To become successful in entertainment, Stone Love has kept abreast of the happenings on the entertainment scenes, upgrading its equipment and recruiting young selectors like, Jazzy and Genius to cater to the eclectic taste of Stone Love fans.
As popular as the selectors are, the landmark Stone Love dub plates define dancehall. Dubs like Buju Banton and Wayne Wonder's Forever Young, Johnny Osbourne and Shabba's Ice Cream Sound and Ronnie Thwaites The Wickedest Time resonate to reggae lovers worldwide.
Stone Love sound was started 40 years ago by Winston “Wee Pow” Powell who has a passion for music, “I started Stone Love because of my love for music, it is like an inborn concept.” Wee Pow said. When asked why he keeps Stone Love going he said; “This is what I love so I have to keep doing it and asked, why do something that I don’t like?”
The sound started as a small system with locally built amplifiers until they grew in popularity and it was necessary to update to become the ultimate system.
It is the dedication, drive and expertise of Wee Pow and his team that have placed Stone Love in the prominent position that it holds on the entertainment scene and enables it to be celebrating a special milestone of 40 years.  
For younger dancehall fans, that may have missed the previous Stone Love party experiences, a cadre of special guest artistes and selectors will perform in tribute to Stone Love. Past anniversary events have featured Renaissance, Metro Media, Coppershot, Tony Matterhorn, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Cham and countless other dancehall luminaries.
For this staging, Stone Love takes patrons to D’Entrance in Kingston and has a special reduced entrance fee of $600 pre sale and $800 at the gate for the Saturday December 29 event.  

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