Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nadine Sutherland’s ‘Karma’ is doing her some good

Famed Jamaican Reggae singer Nadine Sutherland’s new single Karma has been making a splash in the United States, entering the New York and South Florida Reggae Charts at number 15 on Wednesday, September 26 and has since climbed its way to number 9, in a few short weeks.

The airplay on Karma has been crazy in South Florida and London, I heard in New York it has picked up a lot of traction.” Nadine said.

The reggae artiste, with a career spanning two decades, credits the immediate success of her new single to the producer Rory, a disc jock of one of Jamaica’s premier sound systems Stone Love.  

“ I trusted him in helping me to navigate this part of my musical journey…Rory is fun, but he is very professional and his standards are high, honed by being one of the most successful selectors in the business, for years. I like the direction he is taking the music, he travels a lot so he knows what the pulse of reggae is worldwide.” The artiste stated.

For the future, Sutherland said she is focused on putting out more music out and performing more, while pursuing her studies.  

“Other singles are in the making, also an album. I am really excited about the response to me and to Karma, so I am highly motivated at this point in my life and career,” she said.

The artiste was featured at the Red Bones Blues Café on Friday, August 31 where she along with her friends from the music fraternity took her fans on an elevated musical journey. According to Richard Johnson of the Jamaica Observer, “She used the incredible high to cap the second half of her entertaining show which she closed with her new tune, Karma and her encore track, Marley’s Redemption Song in G”.

Nadine Sutherland was signed by Bob Marley to his label Tuff Gong as a teenager and rose to stardom in the 1990s with her hits Action, Baby Face and I’m in Love.

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