Thursday, June 9, 2011

Producer Sean Paul ‘Blazes’ The ‘Fia’

International superstar Sean Paul has taken his love for music to new heights. The deejay has added producer to his list of accomplishments with the release of his rhythm, ‘Blaze Fia’.

Known to many across the world as a multi-platinum, Grammy award winning artiste, Sean Paul has wanted to do work behind the scenes as a producer since he began his career sixteen years ago. While the deejay has many accolades to his name, when it comes to producing he is a newcomer in the game. "It's another part of my artistry,” Sean said, explaining that he has recently expanded his thirst for music in learning how to play the guitar and drums.

The deejay stepped out of the spotlight and behind the mixing board for his album Imperial Blaze. The album, which saw production work from Jamaica’s finest Don Corleon, Coppershot, Craig ‘Leftside’ Parks, Jeremy Harding and Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, also saw Sean’s first production work on the single I Know You Like It.

Since then the deejay-turned-producer has decided to work with other artistes producing a number of rhythms from one drop to hip hop and countless fusions. For his first rhythm release however he decided to stick to his true love – dancehall. Blaze Fia is a hard-core old school dancehall vibe, which features 18 artistes from veteran in the business Bounty Killer to newcomers such as Chino, Liquid and more. According to Sean Paul he realizes that the rhythm is jam packed with artistes but says he really wants to get his work out there.

‘Blaze Fia’ features the likes of himself, Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Busy Signal, Elephant Man, Assassin aka Agent Sasco, Ce’ Cile, Timberlee, Laden, Hallow Point, Suku (Ward 21), Wayne Marshall, Kip Rich, Future Fambo and Tarrus Riley. Lugga Man and Chicken, original members of the Dutty Cup Crew, from which Sean Paul boast to be a member, appear on the rhythm as well. This brings Sean Paul full circle to his roots as he said, "I look back on the crew with a full heart".

The artiste recently released the production to radio and sound systems, DJ’s internationally and locally. Since then it has been getting heavy spins on air and as urban magazine’s calling his Gal A Bawl Out Fi More, ‘one to watch for summer.’

While it is easy to take the spotlight, Sean Paul notes that he has a strong support system in the form of his brother ‘Jigzagular’ Henriques and Shaun Anderson, both of Coppershot Sound System. Both listened to Sean's original bathroom recordings nearly two decades ago when he practiced his deejay craft and now provide critical feedback for his productions. Songwriter/musician Nigel Staff offers up his technical expertise on the production as well. "I can beat the groove, but the team gives their technical expertise,” he praised.

While ‘Blaze Fia’ is just gaining speed on the airwaves Sean Paul already has a new production well underway. His second rhythm called ‘Material’ features Voicemail, Raine Seville, Nicky B, Leftside and Chi Ching Ching, Fambo, Trever off Key, Ce’ Cile and Hallow Point make return appearances and a there is a special collaboration with Sean Paul and Spragga Benz. ‘Material’ is due out for release later this year.

In addition to producing other artistes, Sean is back in the studio working on his next album. He's worked with and continues to work with local producers, but for this album he has gone international to include tracks from Akon and the Europe based Stargate Productions. He said, "there will be hip hop influences, but the base remains dancehall."

Fans may request the tracks from the favorite radio DJs before they appear on iTunes soon. Persons can also find Sean Paul on twitter (@duttypaul). "Big up my tweeps, Twitter has been a great portal for self expression for me,” he added.

Blaze Fia Track Listing:

  1. Assassin aka Agent Sasco – We Love Di Gal Dem
  2. Busy Signal – Talk To Mi Nuh
  3. Ce’Cile – Pree Mi
  4. Timberlee feat Charlie Blacks – Do What I Said
  5. Chicken – 1 More
  6. Chino – Bedroom War
  7. Elephant Man – Turn Me On
  8. Future Fambo – Bubble Nuh Gal
  9. Hollow Point – Mi Nuh Gone
  10. Kip Rich – Love Yuh Baby
  11. Laden – Money
  12. Loogaman – Blaze Up
  13. Vegas- Mi Tuff Like Steel
  14. Sean Paul – Gal A Bawl Fi More
  15. Suku (Ward 21) – Long Time
  16. Tarrus Riley – Natural
  17. Wayne Marshall – We Hustling
  18. Liquid – Hotter Dan Dem

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