Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ATI, Back In Time

The Encarta definition of the word Absolute states its meaning as "not depending on, or qualified by anything else".

There is a tiny island, in the beautiful Caribbean Sea known for ABSOLUTE EXCELLENCE. This island, called Jamaica, has given the world many absolutes; absolute athletes, absolute thinkers, absolute vacations and so much more.

On this small island, resides a group of people with very big goals and very big ideals. Their objective is to develop another Jamaican absolute. They wanted to create the Absolute party experience. The brainchild of Alex Chin became a reality when the summer of 2001 also saw another first for Jamaica as Absolute Entertainment hosted for the first time “Absolute Temptation Isle”, ATI, which was the hosting of several events over a three day period during the Jamaican Independence holiday period in Negril Jamaica.

Nine years ago, the Absolute Entertainment Group combined forces with several of Jamaica's best party promoters to cure the craving of their friends from across the globe and Jamaica's party population.

The initial treatment via this Absolute party experience saw patrons who were diagnosed with the syndrome known as party fever, being given a prescription of 18 hours of partying with 6 hours of sleep, to be taken daily for three days during one intoxicating weekend in the most idyllic spot in the Western Hemisphere, Negril, Jamaica.

This prescription "Absolute Temptation Isle" was guaranteed to emancipate patrons from their cravings and disturbing hallucinations that previously defined the party experience. As the initiators of the concept of complementing parties, Absolute entertainment, has within one central arena in Jamaica excelled and has become the best at what they do.

Negril has now become the party mecca of Jamaica, and as the Absolute Temptation Isle event exploded and grew from 6,000 patrons in 2001 to over 20,000 in 2008, Absolute Entertainment has their eyes set on bringing their experience to the rest of the world. Over the years, Absolute Entertainment shared this conceptual genesis with other party promoters from Atlanta, Florida and Kingston.

All were invited to execute their individual events alongside Absolute Entertainment on the seven miles of white sand in Negril. This innovative concept has set a precedent which undoubtedly many gravitate to and attempt to replicate, however, with every staging of the event; the concept is reinvented so that Absolute Entertainment will always be the Bigger, Better Weekend.

As Absolute Temptation Isle takes you back in time:
Year 2001
Stages – 14 hours, Bikini & Shorts, Beach Bums, Crave, and Jungle after parties.

Year 2002
Title Sponsor: Appleton Jamaica Rum
Welcome Party, Crave, Bon Fire, Stages, Bikini & Shorts, and 4 Jungle Parties.

Year 2003
Title Sponsor: Appleton Jamaica Rum
Stages, Flirt, Jungle Nights, Bikini & Shorts, Fully Loaded and Appletini.

Year 2004
Date: August 5th – 8th
Title Sponsor: Appleton Jamaica Rum
Temptation, Beach Bums, First Fridays, KFC Summer Hotshots, Ripple Effects, Bikini & Martinis, Stages, Colours, Atlantis and Flirt.

Year 2005
Date: July 29th – August 1st
Title Sponsor: Appleton Jamaica Rum
First Fridays, Tempted, Beach Bums, Stages, Colours, Wild Sides, Temptation Live Summer Shots, Ripple Effect, Extatiq Pretty in Pink, Bikini & Shorts and White Knights.

Year 2006
Date: July 28th – August 1st
Major Sponsor: Digicel & Smirnoff Vodka
First Fridays, Tempted, Stages, Colours, Wild Sides, Extatiq Pretty in Pink, Soul Food, Smirnoff, Temperature, DayDreams, Temptation Live, BET Celebrity After Party, Bikini & Shorts, Fusion, Free Entry into the Jungle.
Absolute Temptation Isle brought on board a new title sponsor namely Red Stripe, out of this partnership was born Red Stripe Temptation Isle “RTI”.

Year 2007
Date: August 3rd – August 6th
Title Sponsor: Red Stripe
Associate Sponsor: Digicel
Tempted, Jungle Madness, DayDreams, Stages, Colours, Temptation Live I, Wild Sides, Pretty in Pink, Temptation Live II, Fusion, and Fever.

Year 2008
Date: July 31st – August 3rd
Title Sponsor: Red Stripe
Associate Sponsor: Flow
Tempted, Day Dreams, Pretty in Pink, Temptation Live I, Stage, Colours, Temptation Live II, Wild Sides and Fusion.
Here we are again, after 8 strong years Absolute Temptation Isle has once again merged with Appleton Jamaica Rum teamed up with a number of brand giants in their individual industries, in order to provide our loyal and valuable patrons with the Original ATI, the weekend that never sleeps with the parties that you know and love. It is going to be Beyond the fun, beyond the vibe, beyond the experience……..Absolutely Amazing.

Year 2009
Date: August 5 – August 9
Title Sponsor: Appleton Jamaica Rum & Absolute Entertainment
ATI Welcome Party, Hip Hop Jouvert, Tempted “Glow”, Pretty in Pink on the Beach, Rhythm & Booze, Stages, ATI Toga Party, Colours, Wild Sides, Fusion.
Nine years ago Alex Chin had a vision to create the ultimate party weekend, numerous events under one Season Band. Through this vision the ATI family was formed. For the first five years, Appleton held the title sponsorship position for this groundbreaking series, at which point both brands explored different paths. After a three year hiatus, both party giants have reunited, Absolute and Appleton is proud to bring back the ORIGINAL ATI. To date this partnership has proved to be the ultimate, unforgettable Party Weekend, with years of experience and sold out parties in Negril.

Year 2010
Date: July 30 – August 2
Title Sponsor: Appleton Jamaica Rum
Impy Skimpy Bare As U Dare, Pretty In Pink , Jokers Wild Colours, Wild Sides, Tempted Glow, Stages, Dolce Pathway to Paris.
The ATI team worked at the concept, which was the brainchild of Alex Chin, and it finally became a reality in the summer of 2001 when a group of young promoters hosted for the first time Absolute Temptation Isle, ATI. It was the hosting of several events over three days during the Jamaican Independence holiday season in Negril Jamaica. The promoters combined the forces of several of Jamaica's best party promoters to put out a novel concept in the party industry, one which apparently had cured the craving of their friends from across the globe and Jamaica's party population.

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