Monday, April 4, 2011

Stir It Up 'Let's Get Loud' Edition

The 10th anniversary of Stir It Up delivered an explosive vibe at the “Let’s Get Loud” edition last Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at the Go Kart Track, Palisades. Thousands of Fans turned out to a spacious venue transformed into a part oasis outside of Kingston, where they were free to let lose, and dance away to mega tracks of yester year.

Sponsors were out in numbers to support the event. On entering the venue patrons were greeted with complimentary shots of Tru-Juice, ahead of their stroll down the Red Carpet. Once inside the venue they were treated to two for one Appleton drink specials.

As promised Stir It Up fans were treated to a food inclusive event. Food stations positioned adjacent to the drink bar across the venue boasted some familiar Jamaica favorites like, curry goat, jerk chicken, sweet and sour chicken, served with rice or pasta. One patron commented; “It’s a good way to say thanks for my loyal support- I have never missed a Stir It Up!”

Great food was not the only treat at this year’s Stir It Up; music from another era rang in the energized night; not many could resist the intoxicating beats from Disc Jocks: Arif Cooper, Kurt Riley and Renaissance disco. Tracks from Stitchie, ‘young girl wear your size’; Frankie-Paul, ‘I’m not your Casanova’ and tunes like Arlene a mussi dream you deh dream’ was reminiscent of a former Jamaican Dancehall setting.

The Go Kart Track was s great venue to celebrate ‘Stir it Up’ 10th anniversary with music, dance and food lasting through to the early morning hours, and for those who managed to slip away at 4am still could not resist the music as they danced their way out of the venue to wait for the return of another ‘Stir it up’.

Stir it up ‘Let’s get Loud’ edition executed by Expose Entertainment was sponsored by: Appleton Jamaica Rum, Tru-Juice, and Lucozade.

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