Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who will be Jamaica’s First Wray and Nephew Contender?

Devon “Joe Fraser” Moncrieffe and Ricardo “the surgeon” Smith will face off on Wednesday, April 27 at the Constant Spring Football Field for the decisive match-up that will declare Jamaica’s first and ultimate Wray and Nephew Contender.

In an exhilarating 8 round battle between semifinal boxers Sakima Mullings and Smith last Wednesday night at the Chinese Benevolent Association, Smith advanced to the finals to join Moncrieffe in the grand season finale. The match up was one of the best fights yet, with a nearly impeccable show of sportsmanship and tactical boxing. Mullings who was rated second seed in the competition ended the season early without stepping into the final ring.

In association with the Boxing Board of Control, the show’s producers, MJK Productions combed the 14 parishes to find the best fighters to produce the TVJ reality series- The Wray and Nephew Contender. The team found 16 of the top middleweight boxers in Jamaica. The 16 boxers were split into 2 teams: green and yellow team.

The green team represented urban boxers and the yellow team representing rural boxers. Over the 15 weeks, the boxers go through physical challenges with motivator Juliet Cuthbert and a decisive 6 round fight. Each week the losing boxer is disqualified from the competition.

Jamaican has had a rich history with first class boxers, specifically in the 1970's and 1980's with unforgettable legends like Richard “Shrimpy” Clarke and Mike McCallum. The then favourite sport is being revived with the emergence of the exciting boxing reality television show.

Smith and Monicrieffe will compete for a share of almost two million dollars with the winner walking away with one million dollars and the title of Jamaica's ultimate Middleweight Contender champion.

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