Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stanley and Emprezz Launch New TV Show Ushering In A New Era In Jamaican Television

Nadia Stanley and Emprezz Mullings have produced a ground breaking television show for teens to air on Television Jamaica (TVJ). The show, Talk Up Yout will be aired on TVJ every Tuesday starting January 25, starting at 6 pm and repeats on Wednesdays at 11pm.

Talk up Yout takes a look behind the smiles and frowns of our youth; and gives a listening ear to the mysteries which form their actions. The program engages those affected by HIV, sexual abuse, illiteracy and many other categories.

Emprezz Mullings, Entrepreneur, TV and radio host, is responsible for the creation of this new and purposeful media product. In explaining the purpose of the programme, she said “Talk Up Yout finds the youths that are living the stories we hear about in the news. Some of the experiences are surprising, breathtaking and depressing, but no matter what, with no judgments, we gain deeper understanding and attempt to implement action toward positive change through the use of the information we gain.”

The sentiment is shared by Nadia Stanley, entrepreneur and film enthusiast, who views the show as a relevant tool of societal healing. “The show was purposefully shot in a modern world style to engage the youths. We chose a new age talk show with an outdoors set, graphics, fast camera movement, music, and several different elements to engage the youth and adults,” she said.

Gary “Butch” Hendrickson, Chairman of National Baking Company has lauded the Talk Up Yout Initiative. He expressed pleasure at the partnership with Stanley and Empress Productions. “National undertook full sponsorship of “Talk Up Yout” as we think it brings into the open the types of issues that affect young people that make them feel fearful and alone. We hope that the program will be a great tool in mending the social fabric of this country and enlightening our youth who, hopefully, will be Jamaica’s next generation of productive workers,” he said.

Talk Up Yout will be aired on TVJ every Tuesday starting January 25, starting at 6 pm with a repeat on Wednesdays at 11pm.

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