Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Magnum Tonic Wine Delivers Energy To The Immortal Stone Love Through A Renewed Partnership

Kingston, Jamaica; Magnum Tonic Wine and Stone Love, two iconic brands in dancehall agreed to extend their long running strategic partnership for another year following a successful three year relationship. "We are really happy to continue with Magnum," explained Stone Love founder Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell. "Our first major event under the new contract is the upcoming Stone Love 38th Anniversary Party in Portmore on December 18."

Magnum Brand Manager Kaysia Johnson pointed out that under the deal, "The two powerful brands become one superbrand, Magnum Stone Love." She went on to say that Magnum Stone Love will be making appearances at a number of events across the island; and the event will take different forms. "It could be a road show, a dance, a concert or street party. Magnum Stone Love will be in the dancehall and on the streets in a big way," she added.

Big indeed. Stone Love selectors, some as popular as artistes, will be sporting Magnum Stone Love branded gear at select events, Magnum Stone Love dubs will be spinning on the CD players and Magnum bar specials will be available at Stone Love activations. Patrons will know it is party time when the Magnum Stone Love truck rolls in and the sound system unloads.

"When we hit the road with Magnum, everybody nice," commented Dwayne Powell, Wee Pow's son. Understandable considering that Magnum buckets are usually in close proximity to the sound when playing.

Buckets and bucket deals for patrons will be easily accessed at the Magnum Stone Love 38th Anniversary Party on Saturday, December 18. All of the Stone Love crew members including Wee Pow, Rory, Geefus, Billy Slaughter, Bill Cosby, Diamond, Fire Ras and Scary Gary will be on hand to juggle the classic dubs and the new favorites alongside a host of guest selectors, sound systems and artistes.

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