Monday, July 26, 2010

Dolce Negril’s pathway to Paris

It’s Jamaica’s most fashionable event, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss when Appleton Temptation Isle rolls around in less than a fortnight. Dolce is an event that encompasses exclusive people, exclusive drinks, and an exclusive experience, and party promoter Tovan Haye is promising th
at, and much more. It’s the only event of its kind for the entire weekend, this is simply because it’s an opportunity for party patrons to leave the bikinis and flip flops behind and be immaculately dressed.

“This event caters to people who consider themselves an A-lister, sophisticated, elegant and fashionable. Dolce patrons are considered the mos
t illustrious and prominent of all, and that’s what makes the Dolce experience unforgettable,” Haye says.

With superstar disc jocks Kurt ‘The Party Animal’ Riley, Captain Collin Hines, ZJ Rush, Heineken Green Synergy champion Dj Slim, and Montego Bay’s dynamic duo Izzy & King Pin, Dolce patrons are in for more partying than they can handle. But these talented musical selectors are only one part of the rich formula that Dolce has developed for its ATI premiere. The theme of the event, Pathway To Paris “The Couture Dress & Stilettos Edition”, further cements the fact that Dolce is “a lifestyle event and the epitome of fashion, opulence, and elegance”.

“Paris is the mecca of fashion, and is synonymous with affluence, beauty and romance. We’re taking all those elements to bring the venue and the event alive with the energy of the beautiful people of Jamaica,” Haye remarked.

As for drinks, Haye says that as a part of the ATI weekend, partygoers could look forward to the full-line of Appleton and Wray and Nephew products at the all-inclusive event, before talking about the special VIP bar.

“For our premium patrons, we’ll have top-shelf liquor available in our VIP section. Everything from Hennessy to red wine, and this is also all-inclusive,” said Haye. The VIP section will also be fully catered with scrumptious hors d'oeuvres and decadent Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.
Although this is Dolce’s first time on the ATI weekend, the party is no newcomer to the entertainment scene. It started in Negril in 2008 and Haye, who is from Westmoreland, hasn’t looked back. Two years later, he says he’s overjoyed to be able to bring Dolce to the thousands of persons who will be descending on Negril’s famous hip-strip for the original party weekend... and he’s ready to thrill them.

“What better way to go, than with the people who had the vision to have this weekend? I’m definitely excited to be a part of Appleton Temptation Isle and I am looking forward to the biggest and best staging of ATI since it started 10 years ago. For sure, Dolce is ready to please patrons and live up to our reputation as Jamaica’s most fashionable event,” Haye says.

The event will be held on Monday, August 2, with the venue being the pristine Sunset on the Beach located on Negril’s famous hip-strip. Persons with the Appleton Temptation Isle season band will enter free, and can pay for an upgrade to go to VIP status, while those without will pay $2500 for regular and $3500 for VIP.

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