Friday, March 19, 2010

Jamaica Meets Trinidad This Carnival Season

The 2010 soca season is now in full swing with revelers turning out in droves for Mas Camp and the myriad of other weekend time bacchanal events. In the middle of all this excitement, a never seen before collaboration has swooped in to add to the festivities and make its mark in Bacchanal. ‘Put It Pon Me’, is a dynamic something by Jamaican songstress Aisha Davis and Trinidad’s own soca party wrecker, Dawg E Slaughter.

The song is an energetic high tempo example of what two countries with similar musical backgrounds can bring to the table. Its catchy hook encourages listeners to mimic seductive dance moves while declaring that it is now time to ‘get on bad in carnival’. The verse speaks of the excitement in the streets during the road march with hands and rags waving in fine soca revelry style. The bridge is where the mass instruction starts, with Dawg E Slaughter uniting the patrons to move as one to ‘the front, back, left and right’.

Dawg E Slaughter Pic 1.jpg

The song itself was co-written by Edward ‘Master Lee’ Collins of Code Red Records and Aisha Davis herself. “We’re currently working on Aisha Davis’ debut album and just happened to be in the studio going through tracks when we stumbled across the riddim. A melody for the hook came to mind instantly so Aisha and I started fitting up the words same time. The whole creative process was so energetic and spontaneous that we had the whole song written and recorded within 3 hours.” says Master Lee.

The track is co-produced with US based record label Secret Chunez renowned for their previous hits in the soca market with the likes of Dawg E Slaughter, Bunji Garlin, Crossover and Kerwin Dubois. “They were the ones that decided it should be Slaughter on this track, him being a former sound system selector. They flew him in, we instructed him on what to do, and he delivered flawlessly.’ said Master Lee.

The song will be released as a co-production between Secret Chunez and Code Red Records, and will be available online through all the major retailers.

Source: Code Red Music Group

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