Friday, March 19, 2010

GOOD TIMES In The Big Apple

Jamaica’s premiere oldies party, Good Times, invades New York on Friday April 30, 2010. Already tightly gripping the psyche of Jamaican party lovers, Good Times is now spreading its grasp to North America. The event is slated for Mingles Café in The Bronx, New York and is the first out-of-island experience for the party, but according to the organizers, not the last.

Good Times staged four times annually in Kingston, boasts enviable numbers, and has grown considerably since its first edition in 1996. Many in the Diaspora have been known to fly to Jamaica and incorporate the event into their hectic vacation schedules, as the party spreads it wings to score record numbers in Kingston, May Pen, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios.

Music lovers in New York will be treated to pulsating rhythms from music worldwide from as far back as the 70’s and 80’s when dancehall king Yellow Man and lyricist Super Cat reigned supreme. This collaboration between The Quorum from Jamaica and the Irie Jam Media family from New York promises a great party vibe.

The organizers say the move is a combination of the growing demand for the brand, plus the long term plan to develop even more. “New York is one of the biggest markets for Jamaican culture,” notes Jerome Hamilton of The Quorum. “And as the Jamaican music has grown worldwide and into these markets, the same applies to parties. We have also seen the sound systems leave and play in these markets, but a specific event has never done that so to speak. This is also part of our plans to develop the Good Times brand. We see the concentration and growth of the population in these areas as a plus this drive.”

Hamilton adds that New York will not be the only area outside of Jamaica to benefit.

“In our three to five year plan we have been looking at the Florida market, plus we also have other Caribbean markets in mind, the first of which is Grenada,” he explains.

Good Times has prided itself as one of the few parties where crowd behaviour remains at its best, where the music is on point, and flows freely without being eclipsed by incessant rumblings on the microphone. Themes are usually introduced to reflect a particular period in Jamaican music history. Hamilton assures that some elements of the Good Times brand will be kept in New York, but with minor changes. “The format will be kept, and a mixture of our format and a format for that market’s palette will be put into the arrangement of the music, we tend to focus on what comes from the turntable and not from the microphone. Patrons will be taken on a euphoric journey by one of Jamaica’s best, DJ Kurt “The Party Animal” Riley and other DJs based in New York.

The Party Animal has been mastering the turntables since he was a teenager, and has dominated Party sessions of all types. He commands the airwaves of Jamaican radio station Fame 95fm with his wit and awesome mixes, name the genre, he’ll play it. Riley has cemented himself in the psyche of music lovers in Jamaica, the Caribbean, England and some parts of North America. On Friday April 30 he will display his mastery of the wheels of steel at the Good Times “Yaad Meet Farrin” edition in New York.

Patrons will be treated to a fusion of Jamaican, Caribbean and North American music of years gone, mixed with a kaleidoscope of colours and paraphernalia from the decades gone to create an atmosphere of an awesome retro party vibe. This representation will be a fusion of both cultures and will be maintained for each market Good Times invades.

Good Times “Yaad Meet Farrin” will be held on Friday April 30, 2010 at Mingles Café in The Bronx, New York featuring DJ Roy and Dubb Master Chris of Irie Jam Fm 93.5 WVIP NY based in New York and DJ Kurt “The Party Animal” Riley from Jamaica.

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