Friday, March 19, 2010

Band ……… with BLAK SOIL

(Brethens Living According to King Selassie Ova Iritical Livity)

Band Members

1. Dean Fraser- saxophone

2. Oral Brown- drums

3. Glenroy Browne- bass guitar

4. Sydney Watson- percussions

5. Andrew Marsh- keyboards

6. Courick Clarke- keyboards

7. Lamont Savory- guitar

8. Lincoln Thomas- guitar

Genre of Music Reggae, Dancehall

Type of Ensemble Rhythm and Saxophone

Lead Singer Tarrus Riley

All about the band

Question: How long has the band been together?

Answer: Band has been together for 3yrs

Question: Where are you based?

Answer: Based in Kingston, JA

Question: How did the name come about?

Answer: Tarrus Riley named the band

Question: What is most memorable performance?

Answer: many to say 1

Cue – Tips.......

Keep working and improving, individually and collectively.

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