Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Timeka Rocks Antigua With Busy

Antigua based Guyanese nationals went into a screaming frenzy when their country woman Timeka Marshall hit the stage at Paradise Lawn for the show dubbed ‘One More Night’. For her first time performing in Antigua, Timeka was greeted by enthusiastic fans who knew each of her songs and even offered back up. She was the first performer after the intermission and her performance was indicative of how much she has developed as an artiste since winning the jingle competition that brought her into the limelight.

“It was great. I was shocked in fact but had a good time and I know the audience did as well. I felt their vibe and was able to connect,” said the sultry singer.

Next on stage was Peter Morgan who has performed in Antigua several times. He too had a good following and rocked the audience with his conscious music.

Busy Signal was the main act of the evening entering the stage to hundreds of screaming ladies who found their way to the front of the stage. He certainly didn’t disappoint and his performance kept patrons wanting for more.

The show hosted by Zugu and Ibis included Antigua’s Mac Truc, Kiyode Erasto and Kenny Blessin. It was full of entertainment to the end.

“One More Night”…what an aptly named show, don’t you think?

Source: Pyramid Artistes

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