Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rhythm & Booze: The Red City

"The perfect start to an eventful Christmas." Those are the words being used to describe this Christmas's staging of Rhythm & Booze. The calendar favourite once again rolls out the red carpet for its loyal patrons and curious first timers as they attempt to paint the town red that night with Rhythm & Booze: The Red City. It is all set to go down at the lawns of the Liguanea Club on December 12.

Often considered the kick-off party for Christmas, the series returns to its original date of the second Saturday in December. The decision was made so as to allow other new events and find a footing in the very competitive season.

"This year's staging allows us to cap a very successful year as a successful party brand itself and also to say thanks in a big way to the supporters who have followed us and are appreciative of the dedication, hard work we put in and the creative approach we take in trying to set our product apart and keep them entertained," one of the organsiers commented.

Drawing strength from a successful ATI series, the promoters at Mainsource Media have put together a unique package and an interesting line-up of disk jocks and sounds. This year's line- up includes Code Red, DJ Karyzma, Irie Fm's DJ Smurf, and for the very first time, Zip jock, ZJ Liquid.

Source: The Jamaica Observer

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