Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stone Love: Immortal still!

Not many sound systems, across the world, can say they have been around as long as Stone Love has.

In fact, the Immortal Stone Love will celebrate its 37th anniversary this December with a blow-out bash at the Mas Camp.

However, if you can’t wait that long to party with the Jamaica’s premier sound system, you can make your way to Stone Love headquarters every Wednesday night for Weddy Weddy Wednesdays for an evening of great musical entertainment from some of Jamaica’s top disc jockeys.

The weekly dance party has been a mainstay in dancehall culture and for the past three years, has had major sponsorship Magnum Tonic Wine, who of course contributes to the evening’s surprises with lots of Magnum giveaways.

Magnum Tonic Wine has been touring the Caribbean with Stone Love this summer. On August 21, the pair made a stop at The Party Place, Barbados and on the 22nd, The Living Room, a multi-level night club, in Arema, Trinidad. Despite the weather, partygoers in the eastern Caribbean got a taste of the immortal sound and Jamaica’s leading tonic wine. The patrons anticipated the coming of the immortal Stone Love from Jamaica and the party kept its full swing until the wee hours of the morning

Local Selectors threw down their best with hardcore juggling and presented a cool mix vibes: one of Stone Love’s top senior selector Gee Fus had both venues in frenzy with his creative ways of handing over Magnum giveaways and cash prizes, and the patrons left the venue satisfied some lingering behind after the event to meet the Magnum Girls. A Barbados patron was presented with a trip for two to Jamaica.

Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago was next in line and they too got a chance to party with the Stone Love and Magnum Girls. The party area was filled to capacity and the patrons saw a spectacular performance from the stunning Magnum Tonic Wine girls, who left nothing to the imagination. There was a Michael Jackson dance competition and a Magnum drink competition, which yielded Magnum Drink give-aways and cash prizes.

But Jamaican partygoers need not feel left out. Magnum has guaranteed to have strong presence at every major Stone Love event, especially at the 37th celebration of Stone Love’s immortality at Mas Camp in December.

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