Friday, September 4, 2009

'Lioness on the rise' - Queen Ifrica ... Music, Message, Mission!

Queen Ifrica has been in the spotlight a lot these days from promoting her debut VP Records release, Montego Bay, to voicing her forthright and unwavering stance against a lot of what is happening in the entertainment industry and popular culture in Jamaica and her assessment of how it affects the diaspora.

Queen Ifrica is a tiny woman, but her passion is gargantuan. She is passionate about the condition ofthe psyche of today's youths and Jamaican society in general. However, she is quick to state that, "I can never truly point blame at the young people, because children truly live what they learn and parents in the household must take back their attention from the vanities that are set up there for them ... morals was always in the mix also, but now it is at the point where we have to go directly to young people and let them know that you have the power of choice in your hand," she states emphatically.

"All of my doings are in want of a better world, social work, understanding self," says Queen Ifrica, who confides that if she were not involved in the music industry, she would be involved in some form of social work. Many of her songs are social commentaries, which she states is absolutely intentional.

"I don't know if it's because of my nature, but I see myself as a humanitarian, not because it gives you points or anything," she says, "it's just how I feel, if you listen to my music I don't sing because I can write, I sing from the heart and it comes across that way to the people that come in contact with the music, their reaction, always saying you are sincere and we feel what you are saying and we understand, it's congrats and keep up the good work and don't stop what you're doing." .

Queen Ifrica says she wants to highlight the reality that in order for her and others like her to continue doing what they are doing they need support from those who have the wherewithal to support this music.

"The people who are influential and could help in making it more visible to the people that it needs to get to are the people who tend to stand off and not necessarily support this aspect of the music," she says.

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