Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ity, Fancy Cat Show popular - Duo considering two seasons next year

The Ity and Fancy Cat Show has soared in popularity to the point where there are plans to do two seasons next year as opposed to one. With only four episodes shown so far, he said the response to the show has been tremendous. Ity also said he has been getting a lot of requests for a DVD of the season from people outside of Jamaica, who heard about it and others who missed some of the episodes So popular is the show that even the hidden camera segment might have to be taken outside Kingston. After the season ends on November 13, he said there will be a live show called 'Ity and Fancy Cat Live: Not Fit For TV'. This will be followed by the Christmas Comedy Crack-up in December. Read the full story on The Jamaica Star’s website.

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Shantae said...

loving d show so far....its very creative..bigg up Ity & fancy Cat evrytime