Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Headline Entertainment and Etana find Exclusive form

Kingston, Jamaica: Talented reggae songstress Etana is now booked exclusively by Headline Entertainment and managed by Irish and Chin. The move is part of the entertainer’s drive to reposition her career and comes after months of speculation about changes in her management structure.

Jerome Hamilton, Managing Director, of Headline Entertainment is pleased with the association and contends that “we see Etana as one of the strongest reggae acts for the future out of Jamaica. She is a creative songwriter and a powerful singer with great stage presence. We intend to help her to achieve her goal to get to the heights as a successful international reggae artiste.” Hamilton added that he is impressed by her work ethic, “she is willing to do the hard work necessary to achieve success.”

The singer, born Shauna McKenzie, has been for the past four years managed by Solid Agency, who helped put her on the map as an emerging reggae artist with hits like Wrong Address and Roots. Her work has been recognized by industry peers and has resulted in accolades such as Best Female Vocalist in the 2008 Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) and Irie FM Radio Awards. Her debut album The Strong One also copped the Album of the Year award at the 2009 EME’s. Etana believes that while Solid Agency helped her lay the foundation it is time for a change. “I now need to build on that foundation and moving forward with the new team is the right fit for me at this point in my career.”

According to Garfield ‘Chin’ Bourne of Irish and Chin, his firm and Etana have always wanted to work together but were obstructed by prior obligations. Now that they are both free they jumped at the opportunity. “We officially signed her about two weeks ago. We had a discussion and put a few things on the table,” Bourne disclosed. “It was really easy because we have always been speaking about working together and this is now the perfect opportunity.”

Bourne revealed that the focus now is to get Etana as much exposure as possible as they begin the process of helping her realise the full potential of her talent. “She has a unique and exceptional talent. Her image, her talent and work ethic, shows that she can soar to a different level,” he said. “She has huge potential, she can be easily marketed and I just want to help her develop her career.”

For the immediate future Bourne’s plans include, helping Etana to develop a very strong presence in Europe, making deeper penetration into Africa as well as tapping into the American market.

Etana currently has about five singles out including Happy Heart, August Town and Free. She intends to shoot accompanying videos and then promote the songs both locally and abroad.

For further information please contact Carlette Deleon at 754-1526.

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