Friday, September 4, 2009

Guyana Fashion Weekend

The outrageously good clothing that the Telford Sisters have stitched since the inaugural Guyana Fashion Weekend have soared to a more fearless, sexy, empowering place and it is hard not to feel tempted when their pieces are heating up the catwalk.

Stamping their authority on cool clothing, often with loud expressions of feminine power, designers at Sonia Noel’s fashion weekend made a statement – it’s a woman’s world.

From the new and surprisingly good afro-inspired designs of model turned designer, Melessa Payne to the blazing hot white jackets of Shedell Burch-Smith, an assertive air of female dominance was everywhere on Sunday night as fashion weekend wrapped up at the Princess Buddy’s International hotel.

What is interesting about the show this year was that there were hardly any dull designer moments, and there is a need to concentrate on the collections because the models were largely lacklustre. Melessa had the distinction of ‘lead model’ deservingly, if only because no one works an outfit like her, but the night actually belonged to plus-size model Luciana out of Buxton.

The kind of energy and attitude we crave from catwalk models was just not there except for when Luciana was on stage. She was quoted as saying after the show, “Am just doing my thing.” If only she could have showed a ‘thing or two’ to a few others. Guyana’s reigning top female model, Yolanda Kerr, also won some approval.

The question as to what is fashionable and current is the kind the Telford Sisters, Nadine and Nekeisha could easily answer.

“We are just trying to keep it real and stay true to what we do. It is just so humbling to watch people embrace what we do because we do things differently,” Nadine told The Scene after the show.

The sisters Climax label is bold, assertive and sexy. The trademark black still dominates their collection and this year the emphasis was on prints. The collection featured tiny flair skirts, bustier tops, high waist jeans, and a string of hot leggings. Still heavy on accessorizing, the sisters went crazy on bows and incorporated huge bows into some pieces; if the bow was not on the outfit it ended up in the model’s hair.

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