Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Times - truly a '80s jam

It was truly an '80s feel inside the Mas Camp at Heineken Good Times on Saturday. Selector and radio personality Kurt Riley pumped up the vibes and had patrons dancing away to the sounds of yesterday.

From as early as 10:00 pm patrons already took their positions in the venue, jamming to the sweet beats coming from the turntable.

"I knew I definitely could not miss this one, when you talk about sounds of the '80s then you are right up my street. The music of today is not saying anything...this is what it's all about," one woman said as she rocked away to Jimmy Cliff's Reggae Night.

Kurt Riley stepped up the pace with the classic disco grooves as he played favourites such as Matthew Wilder's Break My Stride, Musical Youth's Unconditional Love and when he drew for Michael Jackson's Don't Stop Till You Get Enough the loud roar of appreciation was evidence that the late singer's popularity would not be waning any time soon.

In case anyone needed inspiration regarding Jackson's dance moves, one of the screens in the venue provided the perfect complement as one of his music videos was being shown on screen.

Kurt Riley was the perfect music maestro as he knew just when to "cool down the pace": after some hard-driving disco music he took it down with some easy reggae/dancehall songs.

Just in case the crowd got too relaxed, it was feet-moving time again with songs such as Ooh La La Reggae Dancing, Get Down On it, We Are Family, Rock On, and when the first notes of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survivefilled the air, it proved to be an instant hit with the ladies who literally acted out the song, fanning their hands as they chanted 'go now go, walk out the door...!"

After some more 'cooling-down songs' it was time again to "work up a sweat, this time it was with soca/calypso which saw patrons dancing feverishly away.

Promising it would stick to the '80s theme in every way, promoters encouraged patrons to come out in their matching outfits. While we didn't see any decked out in outfits to honour the theme, there was no shortage of music to keep patrons on a roll as they ate up everything the selector dished out and more.

With this kind of music, it was not surprising that patrons were eager to dance until the wee hours of the morning.

Source: The Jamaica Observer

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