Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flippa Mafia – the Flossing King

In a dismissal of all feuds that seem characteristic of his unusual moniker, Flippa Mafia shrugs off the suggestion of a fight.

Dancehall’s ‘flossiest’ entertainer is not afraid to speak his mind,but endorses none of the physical backlash that usually result from the audacity of such bluntness within the circles of self proclaimed ‘Gods’ and ‘Kings’.

The deejay, who is now riding the tide of turbulent lyrical wars with former friends Bounty Killer and Elephant Man, is nonchalant, driving around his ‘place’ Philadelphia, working in the studio and planning his next big appearance.

The deejay says the focus of his one of the songs off his as yet untitled album, is the sentiments expressed by his female fans about deadbeat boyfriends. “Some man a floss and nah tek care a dem responsibility. That’s why dem haffi give it way,” he teases. “Dem want a man, cause bills haffi pay.”

It is comments like these that have made Flippa one of the hottest topics on the music scene now. The man who is not afraid to ‘mack and toast’, will appear on BET’s ‘The Deal’ this week to discuss his unusual ‘flossing’, his upcoming projects, as well as the war of words with Bounty Killer and Elephant Man.

But Flippa insists that it’s all fun and games to him. “Definitely with me... I don’t like the physical stuff. I have kids to live for and I like to go party and enjoy myself and not be watching my back”, he says. Plus, the fans enjoy the banter between the artistes, he claims.

“Dem like di mix up songs with me an Ele,” Flippa says.

“I don’t think people should worry about Flippa controversy. It’s a musical thing. Mi a ‘mack and toast’ because it bring back a different excitement to the party. Dancehall music need it.”

Not every artiste is ruffled by Flippa’s playful jab and over the top antics. He easily managed to draw an impressive line-up of local talent to his ‘Philly Summer Fest’, held September 7 at the Wallstreet Courtyard, Philadelphia. Lady Saw, Assassin, Ding Dong, Tony Matterhorn, Beenie Man, Portmore Empire artistes Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci and Flippa Mafia himself all appeared on what was a stellar event.

“It was nice. Everyone enjoy themselves. Everyone come and do dem full performance,” Flippa says.

Flippa will make appearances in Cayman, New York and Texas in coming weeks, before returning to Jamaica for the Heroes Weekend, October 17-20.

When he returns, Flippa hopes to do collaboration with Vybz Kartel and Assassin. And he will add some structure to his charitable deeds by giving back to his alma mater, Trench Town Comprehensive.

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