Friday, September 4, 2009

Chino’s song compared to Motown classic

Dancehall artiste Chino has been on tour for more than two months now, but that has not impeded his local success. In fact, his string of hit songs have continued to create havoc in the dancehalls, on the radio and on local and international charts.

So successful are they that as recent as last week,Never Change (From Mawning) held the number one spot on the RETV charts and was at the number four spot on the Zip FM Dancehall line-up, while Protected held the number one spot on Zip FM’s Reggae line-up.

In addition to all that, Chino’s landmark hit, Never Change (From Mawning) was hailed by London’s BBC 1XTRA as a dancehall equivalent to any of Motown’s classic pieces and as “a breath of fresh air for Jamaican music”.

Chino, whose correct name is Daniel McGregor, says, “I have been travelling so much because of the tour and I haven’t been in Jamaica to actively promote the songs. So to hear that they are dominating so many charts, not only in Jamaica but also abroad, and the people are still requesting the songs, is such an honour to me. I never underestimate the power of good music and that’s what I always try to do, good music. The fans don’t deserve anything less than that. So I’m honoured and at the same time motivated to do more.”

Chino and the remainder of the Big Ship family return to Jamaica in mid-September

Source: The Jamaica Star

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