Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy Signal rocked with sex vibes in Guyana

The edgy, hardcore feel of dancehall music is the sort of stuff Jamaican artiste Busy Signal serves up when he is onstage and firing off lyrics. But he has a different appeal, a style that is dripping in raw, endless vulgarity.

The thing about dancehall is that its staying power is comfortably wrapped up in smuttiness – from the days of Beenie Man’s ‘Wickedest Slam’ to Tony Matterhorn’s ‘Dutty Wine’ and now Busy Signal’s ‘Agony.’

What is interesting though, is the fact that dancehall music has in its fold some of Jamaica’s most gifted artistes. There is simply no denying that the lyrical prowess of the dancehall king, Beenie Man and its now rising star, Busy Signal, among a few others is unmatched.

Busy Signal headlined the dancehall/reggae concert on Friday last as part of the Jamzone inaugural summer break weekend and delivered more than could have reasonably been expected of him and that includes his lessons on sexual pleasure.

The artiste appears to have a frenzied obsession with the word ‘sex’ and nearly all his songs celebrate his female conquests and desire of pleasing women. If he did perform a number outside of his obvious theme, it missed most people.

But then again most people didn’t seem to care that he was feeding them a dancehall session on matters solely of the flesh. The massive crowd begged him to go on after he burst onto the stage sometime after 1 am and kept up an energizing performance.

Song after song, Busy Signal managed to spit out his lyrics without missing a beat. When he paused, it was to assess the crowd and gauge how he was doing. The look on his face said it all – the crowd was fully into him.

He probably felt so inspired that he dragged a very willing, scantily clad female fan on stage and had a raunchy make-out session with her. The woman, sporting long blond locks and a barely-there bikini outfit, played up to the singer long before he invited her on stage. She was strategically positioned in his view, gyrating enough to have him notice her, though she was hard to miss.

Read the full story in The Scene, published in the Stabroek News

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