Friday, August 28, 2009

Let the Mega 80's roll with Heineken Good Times (Headline Exclusive)

The Island’s capital is going retro on Saturday August 29 with Good Times as it rewinds the clock to relive the golden moments of the 80's. The Mas Camp Village in New Kingston will 'Let the Music Play' as Heineken and The Quorum transform the venue into everything 80's.

"This Mega 80’s Edition is a first in the history of Good Times," informed Jerome Hamilton of The Quorum. "There have always been varied periods of the 80’s featured but we have never done a combined 80’s."

Since the theme features Mega 80's, patrons are encouraged to wear retro styled clothing, "it is not mandatory, but for those who wear retro, there are prizes to be won," Hamilton said.

This Heineken Good Times is all about the glorious period of the 80's, and the music will be the catalyst to bind the patrons in that era. This will resonate through the venue where there are a myriad of activities that the patrons can indulge in. There will be an 80’s room which will feature items depicting the period, a dedicated area where people can try their hands at getting the right colour coordination with the Rubik's Cube or munch their way and gobble up monsters with Pac-Man.

In addition, there will be dancers who will showcase the dance moves of the 80's.

It is the golden era of local dancehall and American disco, songs from which will get the party kicking. "We will play the music that we have not heard for a long while," Hamilton said.

"Come shake a leg and soak you self with the vibe of the era," Hamilton said. "This is going to be a total package, which will take you back in time."

Heineken Good Times Let the music play takes place on Saturday August 29 at the Mas Camp Village at 9pm. Tickets are on sale at $700 with flyer and $900 without flyer at Ribkage 149 Constant Spring Road, Cuddyz New Kingston, Total Service Station Liguanea, L.G Brown Service Centre, Just Call Couriers 355-7390 or 355-7391.

Good Times is Jamaica's premiere and oldest party series, held in Kingston, Ochio Rios and Negril each year.

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