Friday, August 28, 2009

BACKAYARD does it... webstyle

We got a little note from BACKAYARD editor Amilcar Lewis, that we just had to share.

This highly popularized ‘recession’ and talk of it, is indeed not folklore nor a conspiratorial gimmick concocted by our governments. Unfortunately, BACKAYARD is not exempt to this ‘recession,’ but, we are currently trying to find ways to cope and keep the dream alive.

Not just our dream-- which is to see the righteous riddims of reggae music and the people behind it be represented unbiased and accurately - but the dreams and hopefulness of everyone that is a part of our movement and print social network.

However, it is not all doom and gloom as we have been blessed with the opportunity to bring to you our ninth and by far most ambitious effort yet: BACKAYARD Magazine’s Empress Edition. This edition features talented women from around the world, all who have one thing in common: the advancement of reggae music and Jamaican culture. Our cover artiste, Queen Ifrica embodies the complete vibe of all the women featured in this issue: Strong, empowered and extremely gifted. Just pick it up, flip through the pages and enjoy ladies such as Miss Triniti, Mystic, Timeka Marshall and many more.

Moving forward we at BACKAYARD have decided to focus most of our efforts on our online components and expand our website to include music downloads and uploads from artists, forums, an online store and exclusive interviews, video and editorial. Just add BACKAYARD to the end of the URL of whichever online social network you use - more than likely we’re on it. We will try and up-hold our print and physical distribution, with special edition issues released twice a year, but stay tuned for further developments on


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