Friday, August 22, 2008

Smooth Flight For Renaissance

Over the years Renaissance Disco has become a name spoken on the tongue of everyone when it came to a good sound system that was needed. Since their inception, the sound has proven to be a resilient force to reckon with. Lauded for their original dubs and versatility in all genres of music, the Renaissance crew saw their 19th birthday party taking full flight on Saturday, August 9 and it was a well made effort.
Flight 19, the name of the event took place at the Palisadoes Go Cart track and it was worth the drive. The party was not the kind that would have been forced to come to a close at 2am; patrons were allowed to party until daylight.
The decor of the event seemed well thought out as upon entering the venue, there were actual check in points where patrons handed in their tickets to receive armbands. Immediately, one had the feeling that they were actually at an airport. Considering that they were piloting the event, the Renaissance selectors actually played the part, dressing like pilots. The crew gave an onslaught of hits from the 900s to the 21st century. Invited sounds like Code Red and Bloodline paid tribute to the longstanding Renaissance while continuing on the path of igniting the crowd. Obtaining something to drink was never a problem. As soon as one entered the venue, there were bars set up to the convenience of patrons and what made it even better was the fact that drinks were inclusive with the ticket purchase. Patrons in the V.I.P area would have felt comfortable with the seats that were set up around; not to mention the food that was provided ranged from Pork to Mutton and Chicken.
Artistes like Christopher Martin, Red Rat, Assassin and a few others who have worked with Renaissance came out to support the crew and encouraged them to continue. Renaissance birthday party saw a safe landing and patrons checked out feeling like trip was well worth it.

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