Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jamaicans Mentally Prepared

Sports psychologist Kadija Richards says Jamaica's track and field athletes are mentally prepared to give of their best, as the 29th Olympiad swings into high gear this week.
"Work hasn't been difficult. For the athletes that have sought my services, they've been just working on things that they have brought forward from home," Richards said on Saturday, prior to the end of Jamaica's 11-day pre-Olympic camp in Tianjin, located some 100km outside Beijing. "I haven't had any problems really, nobody has come to me with anything besides the usual pre-competition jitters and concerns," she explained.
To date, Jamaica's medal tally at the Olympic Games stand at 45, with only one (cycling) coming outside of track and field.
Two of the 44 track and field medals were awarded to Jamaica following the disqualification (Under IAAF rule 32.2a) of disgraced American sprinter Marion Jones in the 100m and 200m from the 2000 Sydney Games. That resulted in the upgrade of Merlene Ottey's (100m) and Beverly McDonald's (200m) from fourth positions to third.

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