Friday, August 22, 2008

Hammer Time In Stores

Top producer Richard "Shams" Browne has released his new riddim Hammer Time and it is being distributed by All Access. The songwriter and producer has been working on a number of riddims to be released this year and Hammer Time was the first on the agenda. Featuring artistes like RDX, Voice Mail, Elephant Man, Psycho Tan Bad and Monster Twins, Shams says that he expects the riddim to do very well. "It is currently being played by a number of radio DJ's and selectors at parties so I know that it is getting good response so far, especially the Ele and the RDX", Shams stated.
Hammer Time he says was just the ice breaker to put him back into the string of things since he came off his two year long break. Shams has plans on releasing a number of other riddims later this year, one of which he called Camel Toe and few more which he hasn't named as yet.
Currently his label B Rich Records is working with artistes like Mr. Lexx, Psycho Tan Bad and M'Lonie. His aim this year is to produce riddims that are straight dancehall that will make people dance. Shams also stated, "you never know, I might even bring back one of my old riddims. I did it with Baddis Ting and it work".

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