Friday, August 22, 2008

Choc'late Allen to Host Radio Show

While many youths spend their summer partying, Trinidadian prodigy Choc'late Allen is more concerned with the well being of those youths that will be partying as well as those that are misguided. Fifteen year old Allen who is the C.E.O of Caribbean Vizion will begin to host her own radio show on Roots FM. The show will take the form of a discussion oriented forum where youths of the island will be able to call in and air their views on which ever issue the host brings up.
The issues discussed will be based on the different themes that were centered on the school tours that Choc'late did earlier this summer. Choc'late launched her Regional Educulture School Tour on Monday May 5, 2008 in Kingston, Jamaica. However the school tour commenced on Thursday May 8, 2008 and saw Choc'late visiting schools and youth institutions in all fourteen parishes and interacting with over 6000 students/youths. The main aim of the tour was to create an outlet that allows students/youths to discuss critical social youth issues and present their views and comments on how these matters can be addressed.
The radio show is essentially about the school tour and will feature clips that were recorded on the tour about the issues that were discussed and what the youths of Jamaica had to say. From the conceptualization of the school tour, Choc'late who has done similar school tours and radio shows across the region, had also planned to do the radio show after the tour in Jamaica was complete. The one hour radio programme report will see the production of five episodes which highlights the activities of the tour and reports on the student opinions and concerns as it relates to the themes presented and discussed at the individual school forums. Her vision is to reach youths across the nation via radio to facilitate those who weren't able to be apart of the tour. This effort by Choc'late is apart of her message of peace and showing youths that no matter what their current situation is, there will be a brighter day for them once they keep their heads up and remain focused on their goals.The programme will commence on Wednesday, August 20 at 4pm and will see its last show being aired on Wednesday, September 24. Choc'late also has plans of a television show in the pipeline that will be fulfilling the same vision of the school tour and the radio show. She hopes that the youths of our society takes heed to her message as well as to understand that each and every child has a purpose in life.

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