Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nickeishia Barnes: Perseverance Personified

Nickeishia Barnes learned to turn to music to help her get through life’s difficult times at an early age and it has proved to be her strength. In 1996, she entered the much-famed Tastee Talent Competition solo, and on this first attempt, made it all the way to the quarter-finals. Two years later, she was back again, as a group. The group made it as far as the quarter finals as well and even without the first prize winnings she took away valuable lessons from the competition which has served her well.

Eventually, she evolved from this to a more serious involvement with music her brother Christopher ‘Escobar’ Barnes. After enrolling at the University of West Indies where she became somewhat distracted from the music for a while. Concerned friends encouraged her everyday to return to music, and not sit down on her immense singing talent. The words took time, but eventually bore fruit.

The extremely popular televised 2006 Digicel Rising Stars Competition effectively cemented her reputation as a talented performer, singer and songwriter. Since placing second in the competition in 2006, Nickeishia has recorded a number of songs in her very short yet rapidly climbing career. (including song entitled In Love receiving heavy rotation on the air waves).

She has worked with musical geniuses Sly and Robbie and Horace Murphy, along with the Penthouse family, which has built her skills and stockpiling an armada of hits to release gradually to the public. Nickeisha has set high goals in attaining optimum success in the local and international music industry. In addition to singing and songwriting, she has plans to enter the world of artiste management, concert production and other related field.

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