Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Morgan’s Raid Rootz Dance

The first single off their newly released album Mission in Progress the Morgan’s family have once again delivered an impressive video that will definitely be one to remember. The Raid Rootz Dance video concept comes from an old Jamaica movie called Rockaz. Mojo who plays the role of Stallion wanted to recreate the entire movie in one video.

The rather high quality music video was shot at two locations under the co-direction of Winston Mayhew and Jay Will at Back Yard and Constant Spring Police Station. It starts off with everyone having a great time at a typical Jamaican dance. Everyone is enjoying themselves when an informer tips off the Police, who then they decide to ‘Raid the Rootz Dance’.

The police then arrests Stallion, Stripe played by Peter, Jack Diamond played by Gramps, and Jah Lyde played by Lukes. Not long after they are held in jail, Lady Don played by Una bails them. They all head back to the “rootz” dance and continue the party.

When Mayhew was asked how he felt working with Jay Will he responded “It was a great experience. I definitely learned alot from him me naah lie”.

Popular faces of media personalities DJ Sunshine and Empress as well as reggae artistes Jah Cure and Pressure are also featured in the music video.

Morgan Heritage new album is now out in stores on the VP Records label. Renowned worldwide for their riveting live shows, Morgan's Heritage's new release captures the band bottling the power of its stage performance on disc and infusing its songs with a heavier dose of hip-hop. Produced by Morgan Heritage (with a few songs helmed by Shane Brown and Stephen McGregor son of reggae singer Freddy McGregor), Mission in Progress, lyrically finds the group continuing their quest to bolster their love for reggae music through romantic, street-wise and conscious songs built on slabs of spirituality. Musically however, Mission in Progress is the realization of Morgan Heritage’s “ROCKAZ” concept: reggae music with an edge.

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