Friday, May 23, 2008

Christopher Martin Wants To Be A Driver

Would you believe Christopher Martin wants to be a driver? Well that’s what the soulful singer would have you believe in his latest video for hit single “I’ll Be Your Driver”.

The single which has been burning up the local charts represents an eclectic mix of the genres R&B, Reggae with a sub-genre of Lover’s Rock that Christopher is best known for.

The video boasts cutting edge technology with approximately 85 percent of this 4 minute “mini movie” was shot in front of a green screen. The video features Christopher telling a woman upon on meeting her that he is willing to take her anywhere she wants to go, he’ll her driver.

Directed by “The Guru” himself Ras Kassa, who has been the go to director for artistes such as Damian Marley, Sean Paul, Willie Nelson and Beenie Man. It opens with a sepia gold overlay motif with Christopher gazing through a car window when he spots a lady strutting down the street with shopping bags. He alights from his car and engages her in lyrical dialogue. In the opening scene we see the interjection of animated graphics which adds for viewers, playful and direct visual expression.

The video continually cuts between the following six scenes, Christopher “chauffeuring” his established female love interest in a topless car while grayscale shots of the Jamaica flickers in the background; Christopher crooning while she dances in a unfurnished blue lit room; the two engaging in teasing banter over the telephone with side by side screen shots of them both; and the two other scenes are of Christopher is by himself singing.

Towards the end of the video Christopher rips off his t-shirt to reveal his toned, muscular body a definite high note for his female following.

According to Kassa who took full creative control, it was very easy working with Chris. He indicated no resistance from the singer was felt as he understood the artistic direction of the production. Kassa wanted the video to do all of the following things for viewers, to tell a story, have an abstract playful appearance and give you the feel of an old Hollywood film. He explained that the type of graphics used in the video were very deliberate as he wanted female fans of Chris to go back to a personal memory of possibly having a bad day and a pick-up line from a stranger they ran into cheered them up. That was the feel he wanted to create in the beginning of the video.

The video was innovative, well shot with distinct elements that give viewers the feeling that they are watching a short film rather than a music video and sure stand out from other videos being released currently.

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